Buying EV Charging Stations from China: Guidelines, Considerations, and Import Process

Buying EV Charging Stations from China: Guidelines, Considerations, and Import Process

31 8 月, 2023

The adverse impact of the transportation sector on the environment is undeniable. This is mainly because of the consumption of fossil fuels by various vehicles. It does not only contribute to climate change but adds to the carbon footprint. This raises the need for sustainable transportation solutions, and EV chargers play a great role.

piwin EV Charging Station

Regarding EV charging stations, China takes the lead in the manufacturing world of EV Chargers. Competitive pricing, technological advancements, and state-of-the-art services make them a top-notch manufacturer. 

Purchasing from China requires your attention to guidelines, considerations, and the import process. This article aims to highlight these aspects so you can experience convenient purchasing. Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right in to uncover the facts!

EV Charging Station – An Overview

EV Charging Station refers to a charging point or charger, which is an infrastructure. It caters to the needs of electric vehicles by providing electric energy for recharging. Like fuel pumps, which provide fLike, these stations provide electrical energy and support the operation of multiple vehicles. 

There are primarily two settings where EV Charging Stations are installed: public stations and home stations. Public stations are usually found in commercial areas, parking lots, and highways, and are accessible to the general public.

They can charge multiple vehicles simultaneously and often have faster charging capabilities. On the other hand, home stations are designed for individual use, typically installed in private residences, and cater to the overnight charging needs of personal vehicles

EV Charging Station

Key Types

There exist mainly three types of electric charging stations. Get highlights on each type down below:

Level 1 Charging Station: These charging stations use domestic electric outlets. These chargers are also called pace chargers and are suitable for overnight charging.

Level 2 Charging Stations: The level 2 chargers belong to the class of chargers that require a 240-volt source for set up. These are fast in comparison to level-1 chargers. You can use them to fulfill your daily charging needs.

Level 3 Charging Stations: Another name for the level 3 chargers is DC fast chargers. You can cope with your quick charging needs by using these chargers. The option exists to locate these chargers on highways or in areas that support lightning-speed charging. 

Why Buy EV Charging Stations From China?

Several reasons will compel you to buy EV Charging Stations from China. Some of the key reasons include:

China Economic Dominance

The economy of China is one of the largest economies in the world. The main reason behind this is support from the government in terms of funds and policy. Another factor that contributes to this regard is sufficient and skillful labor.  

Cost Effectiveness

The cost effectivity of the China EV charging stations is prominent. This is because of China’s efficient, experienced, and skillful labor market. The labor contribution results in lower EV charging station costs than other competitors. This makes the EV charging station from China accessible and affordable.

Latest In Tech Machines

The latest and up-to-date manufacturing machinery allows China to speed up manufacturing. While at the same time contributing to unmatchable quality. You don’t need to face delays in receiving your product.

Dynamic Solutions

China’s edge technology fosters the formation of remarkable EV charging stations. Using the charger, you can cope with fulfilling the charging needs of various vehicles. You can get public, domestic, and commercial charging stations. 

Supports Customization

Chinese EV charging station manufacturers support the complete customization of EV chargers. You can change the materials, customize the vehicle compatibility, tweak the charging power, etc. This way, you can enjoy an EV charging station that suits your needs and requirements.

Global Accessibility

Buying from China is super easy and more convenient. You don’t need to visit the physical store to purchase chargers. Rather, you can access Chinese manufacturers online. You can check the client feedback, prices, charger types, etc. This way, you can place an order just from the comfort of your home. You will get your shipment at your doorstep. 

Durability and Reliability

The materials that go into the manufacturing of EV charging stations are what makes them durable and reliable. These chargers can withstand adverse environments and tough operation conditions. You will not face performance degradation, wear, or damage on your EV charging stations. It can easily bear physical impacts, temperature fluctuations, element exposure, and humidity. You can enjoy a longer life and optimum operation from these EV charging stations. 

Importing EV Charging Stations From China – Step-By-Step Process

To begin importing the EV charging station, you need to follow these steps:

EV Charging Stations From China


The first step in the import process is research. You need to research the type of charger that you want to purchase. Check the charger specs and your vehicle compatibility.

Supplier Identification:

Identify the supplier from which you want to purchase. There are many reputable suppliers exist in the Chinese market. Some include Piwin EV charging, BYD, Huawei, Star Charge, and Evcome. 

Contact Supplier and Get Quote

Now, Reach out to the supplier you have chosen. After that, request a quote regarding price, specs, charger type, and shipping terms.

Supplier assessment

Supplier assessment is the key to ensuring you are not choosing a defective or low-quality charger. You can check buyer reviews, websites, social media profiles, and ratings. Check their license, certification, and quality assurance process. This will help you make an informed decision.

Negotiation and Order Placement

After that, negotiate with the specific supplier regarding price, personalization, shipping, etc. Now place an order and make sure that the order should contain preferred specs and agreed terms. You transfer the payment using online mediums like PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, etc.

Shipping and Logistics:

Keep in touch with the supplier to stay updated on the logistics, shipping, and transportation. 

Custom Clearance

When it comes to customs clearance, you can do it alone or select a broker.  If you do it yourself, familiarize yourself with the import duties and regulations. Make sure to complete the documents to process smoother custom clearance.

Receiving and Inspection:

Get the product and perform an inspection to see if everything is okay as per your requirement. Check the EV charger specs and ensure the optimum condition and appearance. 

After Sales Service

Collaborate with your supplier to stay on the same page regarding claiming warranty, after-sales service, or technical assistance. This will help you get the most out of your EV charging Station.

Things To Consider While Buying An EV Charging Station

You need to consider several things before finalizing the purchase of an EV Charging Station. Some of the key things are as follows:

Power Level and Speed

Before purchasing a specific charger, determine the power level of the charger and overall charging speed. Please note that the chargers have a higher cost, which results in high-speed charging. Assess the capacity of the electrical setup where you want to install the specific EV Charging station. Make sure it is compatible with the EV Charger. 

Connector Type

The connector type varies and depends on the EV charger. The key connector types available are J1772 and CHAdeMO or CCS. J1772 is suitable for level 2 and level 1 EV chargers. On the other hand, CSS and CHAdeMO are suitable for DC Fast Chargers.

Location Choice

Choosing a location carefully greatly matters. It affects convenience, accessibility, and proximity. Select the location that offers the electrical setup. This will help you save extra costs. Otherwise, you must bear the cost of setting up an EV Parking Spot.

Network and Management

Some EV chargers come with a remote management facility. You can manage these chargers from anywhere around the globe. The only thing you need is a software and internet connection.  Check whether you need these features before finalizing the EV charging station selection. 

Access Control and Payment

Determine the purpose for which you are getting this charger, whether you want to use it for public or private purposes. Consider how you will receive the payment if you want to use it publicly. EV Chargers support multiple payment options, such as mobile apps or credit cards. 

You can also control who will access your EV charging station. There are mobile apps and RFIDs to facilitate this operation. Make your EV Charging Station choice carefully by considering these aspects. 

Warranty and Manufacturer Assessment

Check if you will get any warranty from the particular manufacturer or not. The warranty ensures the product features quality materials and components. Cross-check the company’s track record by assessing customer reviews to ensure that the manufacturer is reputable.  

Determine Impact Resistance

Check the impact resistance level of the EV charging station. Will it withstand or bear the impact of air, water, sunlight, and rough usage? What is the maintenance requirement schedule you need to follow? 


Before selection, consider the purpose of purchase and if you need a scaling shortly. You need to purchase an EV Charging Station to upgrade it anytime. 

Cost and Budget

Compare the cost of the EV Charging station and assess your budget. Do not select an EV charger that will make your bank balance zero. Inlong-lastingetermine the expenses you must face in the long run. How many units does this EV Charging Station consume? This will help you assess if you can afford this EV Charging Station in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have in-depth insights on how to import the EV charger by keeping yourself away from scammers. Following the above steps can lead you to enjoy the qualitative, good, and long-lasting product that suits your needs. Employ these steps to ease the import process and witness their practicality. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.