10 Biggest EV Charging Companies in the US 2023

10 Biggest EV Charging Companies in the US 2023

6 11 月, 2023

Selection of the best EV Charger company matters to harness reliable products. The bigger and more reputable company offers quality products, which plays a key role. On the other hand, the wrong company selection can lead you to experience inferior quality products.

This article highlights key information on the 10 biggest EV charger manufacturing companies’ products, main features, location, and product features. Keep reading to uncover the enticing facts!

Sr. No.Company NameYear EstablishedNationalMain ProductsProducts PricesAnnual Income
1Tesla2003USAEV Chargers, Solar Panels, Power Boxes, Car Services, Solar Rooftops$200 to $3000 or more depending on product type$95.92 billion
2ChargePoint2007USALevel 1, Level 2 and Level 3 chargers and Networked Charging Solutions$180 to $2000 or more depending on product type$146 million
3EVGO2010USAPublic EV Fast Charging Solutions$4000 or more$120 million
4Electrify America2017USAOperates an Extensive Network of Fast Chargers$180 to $2000 or more depending on product type$79 million
5Blink2009USAVehicle Charging Equipment and Networked Charging Solutions$200 to $5000 or more depending on product type$61.14 million
6Volta2010USABuilding and Operating EV Charging Networks$3000 or more, depending on the product type$54.6 million
7PowerFlex2018USAEV Charging services and solutions$200 to $1800 or more, depending on product category and selection$25 million
8SemaConnect2008USAOffers EV Charging Hardware and Software solutions$300 to $1500 or more depending on product type$20 million
9Greenlots2008USAEV Chargers for public, residential, and commercial$170 to $1000 or more$12 million
10OpConnect2009USAEV Charging software and hardware solutions$190 to $1900 or more, depending on product category and selectionNA

Tesla Inc

Number one among the biggest EV charger companies is Tesla Inc. The company has its foundations in Austin, Texas, USA. 

Tesla Inc

Tesla possesses a strong social media presence on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, the total number of followers is 9.4 million to date and on Twitter 21.1 million followers. You can directly message on these social media channels, or an option exists to access the website for online assistance.


1. Home Charging (Mobile Connector, Wall Connector, Universal Wall Connector)

2. Destination Charging (Wall Chargers)

3. Superchargers (DC Fast Chargers)

Some of the key features of the products include:

1. These chargers are fast and flexible

2. You cannot question the quality and durability of these chargers

3. Smart technology enables Tesla charger to feature remote control through mobile apps

4. Help you add up on your savings and reduce your expenses

5. High-speed superchargers allow you to stay on the road for longer and spend less time and money on charging


The number two biggest EV charger manufacturer within the USA is ChargePoint. ChargePoint has foundations within Campbell, California, USA. 


The social media presence of ChargePoint is not that big in comparison to Tesla. On Twitter, the company has over 39k followers, and on Instagram, ChargePoint has around 15k followers.

You can contact ChargePoint in two ways: one through social media and the other through telephone. ChargePoint has displayed their phone number on their website contact section.


1. EV Charging Station for Drivers (AC & DC)

2. EV Charging Station for Businesses (AC & DC)

3. EV Charging Station for Fleets (DC)

4. Software Solutions

Notable features of the EV charging stations of Chargepoint are:

1. Smooth payment and navigation

2. Foster automation to boost speed and convenience

3. IP-rated materials and ensured quality

4. Scalable products in the future for power and ports

5. Round-the-clock support


EVGO is another big name in the industry of EV charger manufacturers. The headquarters of the EVGO lies in West Olympic Boulevard, LA, USA. 


The company has an online presence in social media on almost all platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. On Twitter, the fan following of ChargePoint is around 22k, and on Instagram, the number is around 12k. 

An option exists to contact the authorities of the EVGO directly through social media channels and web platforms.


1. Residential Solutions (Level 1)

2. Public Solutions (Level 2)

3. Commercial and Business Solutions (Level 3)

4. Software Solutions

The main features that you can harness from EVGO products are:

1. The material and the quality of the products are unmatchable

2. EVGO products are affordable and reliable in the long run

3. Support customized charging depending on your vehicle battery needs

4. Ensure protection of the vehicle battery and charging system

Electrify America

Electrify America is also a popular name among EV charger manufacturers in the USA. Electrify America has its foundations or base within Reston, Virginia, USA. 

Electrify America

The company operates multiple social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Total followers or fans on these platforms are 12.8k, 16.3k, and 9.4k. You can send a custom message on these platforms to connect with Electrify America. You can also call them through the phone listed on their website Contact Us section.


1. Electrify Home (Level 2 Charger)

2. Electrify Commercial (DC Fast Charger/Level 3 Charger)

Some of the features of this charger include:

1. You can operate it remotely with just an internet connection

2. These chargers supply you with more power than other chargers in the market

3. Extended cable allows you to take your EV charger wherever you want

4. The option exists to tweak the output as per your needs


The Blink mainly offers services to US customers. The company has its foundations in Miami, FL, USA. 


Blink operates social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On Facebook, there are 13k followers. Instagram has 5k followers, and Twitter has 17k followers. Choose any platform to connect with the Blink charging services or assistance.


1. Residential Solutions (AC/DC Chargers)

2. Commercial Solutions (DC Chargers/ Superfast)

The key things that differentiate the blink chargers include:

1. Highly Compatible

2. Affordable 

3. Superfast

4. User Friendly

5. Smart


Volta lies among the best-in-class EV charging solutions. The company first started in San Francisco, CA, USA. Volta has a strong presence on multiple social media platforms. For instance, on Twitter, it has a total following of 6k followers, and on Instagram, it has 4k followers. 


If you want to get any assistance from these manufacturers, you can reach out to Volta through social media or a website.


1. Level 2 Chargers

2. DC Fast Chargers

What differentiates the Volta EV chargers includes:

1. Durability

2. Standards Compliance

3. Affordability

4. Convenient navigation


The company Powerflex lies at number seven on the biggest EV charger manufacturers. The headquarters of the powerful present is in New York, USA. 


Powerflex does not possess any strong online social media presence, unlike other platforms on the list. Only Twitter and LinkedIn presence exist for the Powerflex.

On LinkedIn, the total number of followers of Powerflex is around 20k and on Twitter, 15k followers exist. You can connect or contact Powerflex through the website or social media.


1. Level 2 Chargers

2. DC Fast Chargers

Reasons that sets the Powerflex EV chargers apart include:

1. These chargers feature adaptive load management. You dont need to worry about overcharging or undercharging.

2. Monitor the level of charging on the go.

3. Smooth and hassle-free payment systems allow you to deal with convenient charging.


Semaconect earned the number eight position on the top 10 biggest EV charger manufacturers list. The company has a main office in Bowie, USA. 


SemaConnect also exists on multiple social media platforms. The prominent ones include Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, the company has 0.4k followers, and on Twitter, it has 3.2k followers. For contact, you can choose their website, contact us or use social media.


1. Residential Solutions (AC/DC Chargers)

2. Commercial Solutions (DC Chargers/ Superfast)

Worthy features of the SemaConnect are here for your reference:

1. You can upscale the charging products as of evolving technology because of the Compatible nature

2. SemaConnect products are highly affordable 

3. You can charge up your vehicle Superfast

4. The User Friendly or intuitiveness is notable

5. Up-to-date and intelligent algorithms of the technology that need your attention


Greenlots is also a reputed company when it comes to EV charger manufacturers. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, USA. 


Greenlots has a presence on three different social media platforms. These include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can get an idea about the popularity of the platform by liking it. On Twitter, the total followers are 2.3k, and on LinkedIn, the total followers are 21k. You can choose any platform you want for effective connection. 


1. DC Fast Chargers (Commercial Charging Solutions)

2. Level 2 Chargers (Residential Solutions)

3. Charger Software Solutions

The features that make the charging solutions stand out from the rest are:

1. In-depth reporting and billing because of advanced algorithm

2. You can monitor the level of charging through real-time monitoring

3. Transparent pricing system without any additional charging costs

4. Efficeint energy management

5. Support the dynamic fleet operations


The last one on the list is OpConnect. This company is alo the best manufacturer of EV chargers. The headquarters of the company is in Portland, Oregon, USA.


The social media presence of the OpConnect is not very strong. On Facebook, the total followers are 0.2k, and on Instagram, the total followers are 1.0k. For contact, you can access any social media or contact through the main website. For that, you can use the Contact Us tab. 


1. Cloud-based software solutions

2. EV Charger solutions (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3)

3. Private label products

4. Fueling Infrastructure

Some of the features that require your attention are:

1. Quality and dependable products to rely on in the long run

2. 24/7 assistance and service to get rid of confusion

3. Incorporation of AI and the latest in tech algorithms for effort and tireless operation

4. Speedy service


The above article has discussed in-depth insights into the 10 biggest EV chargers in the world regarding every aspect. You can select anyone depending on the social media presence, reputability, annual sales, products, features etc. This will help you make an informed decision regarding your specific EV charger choice. 

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