Accessing DC Fast Charging for EV Customers

Accessing DC Fast Charging for EV Customers

14 9 月, 2023

As the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions rises in every sector of the world. The automobile sector is not behind. The advent of EVs (Electric Vehicles) has played a crucial role. They are incredible in the true sense when it comes to environmental preservation.

Multiple factors hinder the wide adoption of these EVs. Some key factors include frustration of finding compatible charging solutions, outdated payment methods, line waiting, etc. These factors raise uncertainties among drivers to rethink choosing or adopting the EVs.

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But you don’t need to worry. This article will offer insights on finding or accessing the DC Fast chargers for your EVs. Find out what solution you can adopt when accessing the DC fast chargers. This will make DC Fast charging accessible and convenient for you. You will be able to play your part in conserving the environment. Sounds interesting? Let’s begin to uncover the facts!

DC Fast Chargers – Overview

The DC Fast chargers are also referred to as the Level 3 chargers. They utilize the DC (direct current) to charge the electric vehicles. This makes the DC fast chargers different from the Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, which use the AC. These chargers need to have extra equipment, which is the inverter that converts the AC to DC to charge EVs. But the DC Fast Chargers don’t require any additional components.

The DC fast chargers refer to the Fast chargers because they can charge your vehicle instantly. They offer power anywhere ranging from 20kW to 350kW. Such huge power allows you to charge your vehicle within 15 to 30 minutes. This level of charging in a short amount of time allows you to harness a distance ranging from 100 to 250 miles. 

Charging stations

Problems That EV Owners Face In Locating The EV Chargers

There are several problems and challenges that EV owners face while locating the EV chargers. Some of the key issues are:

  • The first issue on the list is finding the compatible charging station that your vehicle supports. This is true in terms of connector and charging level compatibility.
  • Another issue is that EV owners cannot easily locate the EV chargers. This is because there is no information on the tools, apps, or strategies. 
  • Low chargers availability within the region is another issue.
  • You cannot plan longer trips or rides because you need help locating the EV charging station.
  • One prominent issue is that the stations you find do not support the variable payment methods.

All of these issues can lead you to face stress and anxiety and prevent you from enjoying the rides. Don’t worry about finding out below how you can locate the DC charging stations in your area. 

Different Methods That You Can Employ To Access DC Fast Chargers

Several methods exist when it comes to locating the DC Fast chargers. Let’s discuss each method in detail one by one:

1. Smart Apps Utilization

These smart apps are smartphone apps. You can access these apps from the Play Store and install them on your phone. These apps allow you to access the DC Fast charger nearby. Some of the popular apps are:


SemaConnect: Regarding charging at a big scale, SemaConnect is the right choice. It offers insights into commercial-scale charging. You can get the station locations, assess their pricing, and handle the charging.

EVgo: The EVgo is the public EV charging network with foundations in the US. You can use the EVgo mobile app to locate close-lying charging stations, assess their availability, and set up charging sessions. 

Tesla Supercharger: The owners of the Tesla vehicle can utilize the supercharger app. This will help them in locating the Tesla-specific superchargers. With the apps, they can assess station availability and begin the charging session. 

PlugShare: This app is unique because it offers access to the vast database of EV charging stations. This app lets you find the station depending on the speed, connector, type, and client ratings.

ChargePoint: This app has a widespread database for North American EV Chargers. You can get insights on pricing, real-time availability, and monitoring through this app.

Greenlots: The term green in the greenlots reflects environmental conservation. You can find EV chargers closer to your vicinity using this app. An option exists to check their availability and deal with the payments. 

2. Utilising Car Navigation Systems

The second method on the list is using car navigation systems. The latest in tech and advanced EVs feature cutting-edge built-in car navigation systems. This will help you in electrifying your journey.

These navigation systems are not like traditional GPS navigation. They feature a digital display to locate the nearby DC fast chargers digitally. Anyone can get the most out of these systems as they are highly user-friendly. 


An option exists to assess the routes through the navigation systems in a 3D way. This way, you will always be closer to your nearby station. Using this navigation system, you can eliminate the station range stress. You can enjoy the longer rides with the complete peace of mind. 

3. Using Online Websites

Many websites exist that can help you locate the DC fast chargers. These websites are from the EV manufacturers. The online websites have special tools embedded within them. They help you locate the charging station solely depending on your requirements. Find out the ways these websites can help you locate the EV Chargers:

Depending on the Station Location

You can search the DC fast charger depending on your area. You can search a station using the ZIP code, station name, street, or city address. This offers you the user-intuitive interface to initiate the search at super convenience.

Type of Charger

The online websites allow you to find the relevant station based on the type of charger in your vehicle. You can filter the results depending on the DC fast charger, Level 1 charger, Level 2 charger, Tesla charger, etc. This way, you can locate vehicle-compatible EV chargers.

Type of Connector

The DC fast chargers are universal chargers that feature every connector type. These connectors include the CCS, CHAdeMO, NEMA-5-15, J1772, Tesla, NEMA 14-50, and NEMA 5-20. Finding the right connector type allows you to cater to your EV charging capabilities in the long run.

Speed of Charging

There are different Charging stations around the world. The online websites allow you to find out the station depending on the speed they charge. You can locate stations with power ranging from 3kW up to 350 kW. The option exists to use them for cars, taxis, buses, trucks, etc.

Method of Payment

You can search for the relevant station depending on your desired payment method. There are several payment methods that various stations support. Some of the key methods against which you can filter the relevant stations are:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • RFID
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Network App

Locating Stations By State

You can narrow down your research by selecting the state or using the alphabet of the state. For instance, you can locate the stations for these states: Colorado, California, Florida, Alaska, Connecticut, Alabama, Arizona, etc. This way of locating the charger with online websites makes the charging process much easier.

Filtering By Network

Using online websites, you can locate the charging station by the network. For example, various networks are ChargePoint, EVCS, EVConnect, AmpUp, Flo, Francis Energy, Volta, Tesla, EVgo, etc. You can find any network you want or your vehicle supports. 

4. Voice Assistants Within Vehicles

Lates and modern vehicles feature voice assistants. These voice assistants make locating the nearby EV charging station super convenient. You can custom-select the EV charging station this way. You don’t need to touch anything to initiate the operation.

The only thing you need to do is give a voice command to Alexa or Google Assistant. They are built-in vehicles that allow you to continue your unwavering ride longer. It caters for you to continue riding over longer journeys and transport stations.

5. Social Media and Forums

There are a plethora of online forums and communities. You can find these EV charging communities on Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Reddit, etc. You can contact the members of these communities to locate the EV charging stations. This will allow you to get the most out of your EV this way. You can also share your experience and get a valuable and useful response against your experience.

Final Thoughts

It is the paradigm for EV drivers to get familiar with how they can locate EV charging stations. This article’s objective was to familiarise you with all the ways you can locate your EV charging station. There are different ways, such as apps, websites, forums, navigation systems, etc. You can use all of these ways to access the DC fast chargers. 

This familiarity with Piwinev Charging will allow you to go anywhere you want and maintain your vehicle performance and lifespan. This is because platforms like Piwinev Charging allow you to locate the charger that completely complies with the charging requirements of your vehicle.

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