Chevy Bolt Portable Charger Vs ClipperCreek Portable Charger

Chevy Bolt Portable Charger Vs ClipperCreek Portable Charger

25 1 月, 2024

There is no doubt that portable chargers have assisted EV owners remarkably. They allow you to charge up your vehicle regardless of your location. You can carry these chargers with you no matter where you go. Because of their standard power outlet support, you can plug these chargers in 120 V and begin the charging operation. 

However, the difficulty many EV owners face is in selecting the right portable EV charger. Multiple brands of EV charger suppliers exist in the market. The notable ones include the Chevy Bolt and Clippercreek. This article will shed light on every aspect of the EV chargers from these brands. Eventually, this will help you make the right selection for a portable EV Charger. Let’s delve in deeper!

ClipperCreek Portable EV Chargers

Portable EV Chargers

ClipperCreek offers two main variants in multi-specs: Level 1 and Level 2 portable EV chargers.  Each variant comes in a cable length of 25 feet. Lower power variants have a lower cost. In contrast, the higher power variants have higher end costs. These variants support the amperage around 16A, 20A, 32A, and 40A. 

Please note that the 32A and 40A variants support 240 V outlets while others support 120 V outlets. The speed of 32A and 40A variants is faster and allows you to charge 80% of your EV battery within 4 to 8 hours. You can also use these charger variants with SAE J1772 connector to support a wide range of EV Charging. The details on the key specs of these variants are as follows:

Sr. No.ModelMax AmpsMax Output PowerConnectorCable LengthFeaturesPrice Range (USD)
1HCS-40P327.7 kWNEMA 14-5025 ftWi-Fi connectivity, app control, scheduling, LED status lights$500 – $600
2HCS-50P409.6 kWNEMA 14-5025 ftWi-Fi connectivity, app control, scheduling, LED status lights$700 – $800
3LCES-25163.8 kWL6-2025 ftWeatherproof housing, LED status lights$300 – $400
4LCES-30204.8 kWL6-3025 ftWeatherproof housing, LED status lights$400 – $500

There are multiple chargers that a Chevy Bolt supports. They include both the level 1 and level 2 chargers with different amperage support. You can select any charger variant depending on your travel needs. Some of the key portable chargers and their key specs are as follows:

Sr. No.ChargerLevelOutput Power (kW)ConnectorKey SpecsPrice Range (USD)
1ClipperCreek CS-120:Level 11.4NEMA 5-15Compact, lightweight, weatherproof$150- $200
2Blink HQ 120:Level 11.4NEMA 5-15Weatherproof, LED power indicator$200- $250
3ChargePoint HomeFlex:Level 23.5NEMA 6-20Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, scheduling$400- $500
4Grizzly EV GRIZZL-E:Level 27.6NEMA 14-50Heavy-duty, adjustable amperage, multiple adapters$500- $600
5Tesla Mobile Connector:Level 23.8J1772 (SAE)Adapts to various outlets, Tesla-branded$250- $300

Please note that the Chevy bolt itself does not manufacture or supply any portable charger variant. Although you can get third-party variants as mentioned in the table above. Different chargers have different features.

Differences Between The ClipperCreek and Chevy Bolt Portable Chargers

There are multiple differences exist when it comes to the Clipper Creek and Chevy Bolt compatible chargers. Some of the key differences are right in the table below:

Sr. No.FeatureClipperCreek LCS-20 (Portable)ClipperCreek HCS-30 (Portable)ChargePoint HomeFlex Level 2 (Portable)Tesla Mobile ConnectorGrifon Gen5 Level 2 EV ChargerAutel MaxiCharger Home
3Price Range ($ USD)$250-$300$300-$350$250-$300$200-$250$300-$350$200-$250
4Charging Speed (Level)Level 2Level 2Level 2Level 2Level 2Level 2
5Ampere Supported162432161616
6Charging Time (Chevrolet Bolt EV 66 kWh Battery)5-6 hours3-4 hours2-3 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours
7Warranty3 years3 years3 years1 year3 years2 years
8Power Output (kW)3.25.767.683.23.23.2
9Connector SupportedJ1772J1772J1772NEMA 14-50J1772J1772
10Weight (lbs)121923131410
11Cable Length (ft)252525242516

1. Features Comparison

ClipperCreek has a well-established reputation in the EV chargers market. Each of the charger variant from the ClipperCreek possess LED lights for intuitive charging. There are also embedded heat sensors, amperage tweaking, etc.

These features are not present in the basic variants of third-party chargers that the Chevy Bolt supports. Although high-tech chargers from popular brands may offer chargers loaded with features, they come with a higher cost. 

2. Charging Time and Speed

ClipperCreek offers a wide range of chargers. You can find the charger variants with slow speeds as well as higher speeds. The amperage rating of these chargers is 16A, 20A, 32A, and even 40A. Please note the 40A power charger allows you to charge your vehicle in 4 to 8 hours, while the 16A charger allows you to charge your vehicle in 12 to 24 hours.

You can choose any charger depending on the speed you need. In contrast, the Chevy bolt-compatible portable chargers are slower as well as faster. You can also get a speed of 4 hr up to 12 hr or more with these chargers. 

3. Warranty

Indirectly, the warranty of the charger determines the level of build quality. A longer warranty span represents high-quality material and high-tech components that go into its manufacturing. ClipperCreek offers 3 years of warranty on all of its charger variants.

At the same time, this is not the case with any Chevy Bolt-compatible charger. This is because you can get a warranty of one year with other brands. The higher warranty reflects that ClipperCreek products align with the standards and last longer.

4. Safety

The ClipperCreek offers an incredible level of safety in its charging products. This is because each of the ClipperCreek portable chargers aligns with the safety certifications and standards compliance. The portable charger from ClipperCreek supports and copes with high voltage, high current, rough usage, high temperature, etc.

Such a level of combination of these features makes the ClipperCreek portable charger durable and sturdy. At the same time, not all third-party chargers that support Chevy bolt charging offer high-end safety.

5. Cost Comparison

ClipperCreek charger’s cost is slightly higher than the other brands which offer basic functionalities. But the cost is worth the value of the portable ClipperCreek chargers. A Plethora of features collectively contribute to the longer life and safe functioning of the ClipperCreek chargers. In comparison, the other generic chargers do not offer these features. This is why they cost less. The durability and build quality of such chargers is questionable. 

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6. Portability

The weight of the ClipperCreek chargers is not too much. You can carry and move these chargers on your own. This makes the transportation of these chargers effortless and hassle-free. ClipperCreek chargers are easier to move on longer tours and trips. Besides this, the ClipperCreek charger is compact and does not take up much space. You can easily store these chargers and transport them from one place to another.

7. Supported Connectors

The portable chargers from the CllipperCreek support a variety of connectors. These Connectors include NEMA, SAE J1772, etc. Using these connectors, you can easily connect your charger to any vehicle you want. Apart from this, you can also use adapters to connect the charger to the vehicle.

Other available chargers in the market also support these connectors and allow you to use the adapter to make effortless connections. The cable length on all the charger variants is around 25 feet. This means that you can easily connect the charger to your EV and with the charger.

Choosing The Right Charger For Your EV

There are a number of things that need your attention when you are going to select the EV charger:

  • Before purchasing a portable charger, determine the level of compatibility. This way, you can use it with a wide range of vehicles except yours. 
  • Find out what charging time and speed it offers. If you remain busy, then the faster charger will be going to help you in the end.
  • Calculate the frequency of your travel and the time you can afford to charge your EV. This will help you keep up your schedule and cope with your duties.
  • Determine your budget and calculate the total cost of the charger you are going to buy. See if it aligns with your budget or not. If not, then explore other options.
  • The level of intuitiveness of the charger also matters. The features of the charger play a key role in this regard. These include WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, charger scheduling, app support, real-time charging process monitoring, etc. These features also raise the cost of your charger.

Considering the above things will help you select the charger which completely aligns with your needs. 


After reading the above article, now have an in-depth knowledge about ClipperCreek and Chevy Bolt compatible charger models. You know the charging time, charging speed, output power, supported amperage, price range, etc. By understanding these features in depth, you can make a good choice based on your needs. If you need any help with this please contact us.