How do I charge at a charging station or using Tap?

How do I charge at a charging station or using Tap?

28 12 月, 2023

Owning an EV (Electric Vehicle) demands the usage of an EV charger to ensure smooth and hassle-free operation. This is because chargers are essential in refueling the vehicle’s battery. New EV owners often need to be more concerned about how to charge their cars or how the charging process occurs. 

Because without it, you can experience time wastage, complexity, and frustration. No more worries! This informative article aims to help you become familiar with the charging process with Chargepoint stations. Sounds exciting? Just stick to this article and find out for yourself!

ChargePoint – Brief Overview

One of the big names in the EV charging industry with primary services in developing and building charging infrastructure and software. ChargePoint offers services to businesses, individuals, and fleets. The company started services in 2007. So far, ChargePoint has operational business in more than 14 countries. 

You can get an idea about the worth of the ChargePoint from these points:

  • So far, the company has delivered 206 million in charges
  • More than 50 companies with over 74% fortune are customers of ChargePoint
  • Each hardware product follows strict compliance with CE and UL certifications
  • ChargePoint has earned 20+ awards from CNBC, Goldman Sachs, Electrek, etc.
  • The ChargePoint has earned environmental protection awards for reducing 1.6 million metric tons of GHG (Green House Gases) emissions. The awards provider includes CCBJ (Climate Change Business Journal), UN (United Nations), and Global Cleantech. 
  • So far, 2.7 million drivers use ChargePoint daily, and thousands are adding up daily. 

How Do I Start Charging Sessions at ChargePoint?

There are three ways to initiate the charging session at any ChargePoint station. Get insights on these ways one by one:

1. Charging Initiation By Tapping

This method is widely applicable in the northern USA. To enjoy the tap-to-charge charging, you must first install the ChargePoint app. The charging station has a reader. Hold your mobile right in front of the reader to begin charging. Please note that you need to install or sign in to your ChargePoint account.

2. Charging Through Mobile App

Use the app to select the station to charge your vehicle. Right within the app, a start charge tab exists on the main interface. Go to the station details from the app and initiate the charging by clicking on the start charge tab.

3. Charging Through ChargePoint Card

First, you need to acquire a card and activate it from ChargePoint. You can do so at any station of the ChargePoint. The card contains a SIM symbol. You need to tap this symbol on the station reader. By doing so, you can begin the charging operation. You can choose any of the above methods to begin the charging process. 

Initiating Charging Session Using Tap To Charger

One of the simplest and easiest ways to begin the charging process of your EV is to tap to charge. This is true, especially in North America. For this process, you only need two things:

  • A mobile phone through which you can download and install the ChargePoint app
  • An active account of ChargePoint

When you have the above two requirements fulfilled, follow these steps to facilitate tap to charge:

1. Downloading/Installing App

You can access the Play Store or Apple Store to get the ChargePoint app. For this, you need a smooth internet connection for hassle-free app download. Now, after installation of the app, begin logging in or signing up for your account. 

2. Sing Up/ Registering

You need to provide your credentials along with the payment details. The option exists for Paypal, credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. You can add any option and later accept the terms and conditions.

3. Setting Up Tap To Charge

In case you are dealing with the account creation for the first time. For this case, to set up tap to charge, you must add an Apple wallet if you have an iPhone. On the other hand, you can turn on NFC if you are an Android user. 

In case you already have an account with ChargePoint. Then, to set up the Tap to charge, go to the main menu within the app. You can find it in the left corner on the top side. Here, you must select your account and choose the card you want to use. After this, add the ChargePoint pass to the wallet in card format. Following the abovementioned steps, you can quickly finish setting up the tap to charge.

Steps On How To Charge With Tap To Charge

Please note that the charging with tap to charge is slightly different for the iPhone and Android. Just follow these steps to begin the process:

  • Once you have finished setting up the tap-to-charge option, you must select or find a station within the app. First, reach the ChargePoint station and use your app to locate it. This will be the station from which you want to charge the vehicle. 
  • If you are wondering “how to activate a ChargePoint charger,” get the answer in this section. As discussed, every charging station has a reader. If you are using Android, then turn on your NFC. On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user, you can use a face ID and a finger touch ID. For finger touch, ensure your finger remains on the home tab for verification. Now, hold your Android or iPhone just against the reader for verification.
  • The third step is to plug the charger into your car charging port and start charging. If necessary, plug the other side into the charging station. By doing so, the charging process begins. 
  • When the charging process ends, you will receive a notification. If you have in mind, “Does ChargePoint stop charging when full?” then the answer is yes. So you don’t need to worry if it adversely affects your battery health by overcharging. Receiving this notification, you can unplug the charger from the vehicle and the charger. This way, you can give space to others for charging operations. 

For the Tap to Charge option working facilitation, you can only use the following versions of iPhone and Androids. Make sure you have any of these device:

Sr. No.Android Supported VersionsiPhone Supported VersionsApple Watch
1Android 4.4 with NFCiPhone SE1st generation
2Android 5.0 with NFCiPhone 6Series 1
3Android 5.1 with NFCiPhone 6 plusSeries 2
4Android 6.0 with NFCiPhone 6S 
5Android 7.0 with NFCiPhone 6S plus
6Android 7.1 with NFCiPhone 7
7Android 8.0 with NFCiPhone 7 plus
8Android 9.0 or more with NFCiPhone 10 or Newer 

If ChargePoint NFC is not working, the fault lies with your Android or iPhone version. Using any of the above arrangements will facilitate your needs. You can benefit from the Tap to Charge through ChargePoint station by following the above process. 

Things To Consider For Hassle-Free EV Charging

Several things need your attention. Some of the critical items in this regard are as follows:

1. Compatibility

Assess the compatibility of the charging infrastructure that you are going to choose. The incompatible charging station will need to be fixed for your charging needs. To assess the compatibility, assess the connector and charger that your vehicle supports.

Some vehicles support all connectors, while others include CCS EV Charger type 1, CCS type 2, CHAdeMO, and SAE J1772. You cannot charge up any car at any charging station.

2. Speed of Charging

Determine if you need your vehicle fully charged within a short period. Or if you are not in a hurry. Different chargers cater to different charging speeds. For instance, a level 1 charger allows you to charge 80% of your vehicle within 8 to 12 hours.

Level 2 charger will enable you to charge 80% of your car in 5 to 8 hours. Finally, the super-fast or DC charger will allow you to charge your vehicle around 80% within 15 to 60 minutes. Please note fast charging frequently can negatively impact battery health and life. 

3. Determine Charging Station Location

Use the ChargePoint app to locate the nearby charging station at ease. Avoid choosing the farthest charging station because choosing these stations contributes to time and money waste. You can also check the availability of the charging station directly from the app. This will help you avoid wasting your time finding the available stations.

4. Find Out Payment Settlement Method

Different charging stations support different payment methods. Some support credit cards, while some support cash. On the other hand, some charging stations support PayPal and online payment transfers. Choose what payment method you can support and choose the station wisely.

5. Cost of Charging

Calculate the cost of the charging station which you are going to choose. Different charging stations feature or require different charging costs. For instance, the low availability increases the cost, which involves time. The energy cost varies from region to region, raising the total cost. Before beginning the charging session, determine what price you need to pay per kWh.


To experience effortless and timeless charging, it is essential to consider the usage process. The above guide has helped you with the process. You are using the above information regarding account creation, usage, and requirements.

You can quickly charge any vehicle with the ChargePoint. Share your thoughts if you find the above information helpful or not. You can also use the comment section to seek any assistance you want. You can also seek help from PIWIN. They can solve your temptations. Make the best choice for your choice.

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