Portable Car Charger For EV: 2024 Guide

Portable Car Charger For EV: 2024 Guide

12 1 月, 2024

Fed up by battery-drained EVs that could be better while riding second hand imported junks. It is really frustrating when you are in the middle of nowhere and tens of miles from electricity. By 2024, interest in reliable electric vehicle (EV) portable car chargers such as PIWIN chargers will be stronger than ever. Imagine this: you’re driving somewhere on a road trip, and your EV’s battery is about empty. 

When that happens, panic sets in because you realize there are no charging stations around. The solution? The best Portable Car Chargers 2024 unveiled in this guide. With these small yet powerful transmitters by your side, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past, and they easily fit inside the trunk. Charge while traveling and experience electric adventures without the stress!

What Is A Portable EV Charger?

A portable car charger refers to a charger that you can take anywhere you want. It is compact and easily fits in your trunk. No matter where you are, you can easily fulfill your car battery and keep riding when you have this charger.


Charging Freedom: Plug your portable car charger into any outlet, and you’ll have the freedom to charge on the go. Ideal for long road trips and spontaneous stops, you aren’t limited to predetermined charging stations.

Small and Compact: Due to its small size, you can easily store it in the trunk of your car. Get energy-efficient performance that defies space with an easy-charging solution.

Round The Clock Backup: Your portable charger keeps your electric vehicle going even when power fails. You get peace of mind, especially when in situations you didn’t plan for or emergencies with a reliable backup.

Saves Time: Bypass the infuriating lines at crowded petrol pumps. The first item on the list is your charger, a dedicated and efficient solution for those who appreciate their time.

Cost Effectivity: No cost to install a home charging station. Choose the cheaper option, which is a portable charger, so as to make electric vehicles open to many people.

Universal Level Compatibility: Enjoy portability and diversity when it comes to charging your electric vehicle with the portable charger, compatible with quite a number of electric vehicle models. They are highly usable by a wide range of EV owners.


Speed Limitability: On the one side, portable chargers are convenient since they can be carried around everywhere for use whenever there is a need, but that, to some extent, may pose a drawback because of the slower charging speeds. This might result in a slower amount of time to maximum charge, which would test your patience for using the charger on the go.

Limitation on Range: This gives a trade-off—the portability of the charger and its limited driving range per charging session, or just parking in any particular place for 8 hours as it charges. This affects your ability to take long drives over longer distances without having to stop for recharges often.

Extra Weight: Consider the additional weight of having to carry a portable charger. It changes how your vehicle handles, subtly influencing the driving experience and affecting fuel efficiency. When planning your electric adventures, factor this in.

Cost Variation: Quality doesn’t always come cheap. One potential drawback is that the cost of a reliable portable charger can be rather high upfront. This may seem like a considerable amount of money, but considering how convenient and flexible it is for your electric vehicle journey, the price should not be an issue.

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Outlets Dependability: The downside of portable chargers – they are reliant on power outlets. If you live in some remote places or “off-grid” without access to electricity, your charging choices become very limited. When going to less urbanized locations, take into consideration this limitation.

How Does The Portable Car Charger Work?

ortable Car Charger Work

Here is how you can work with the Portable Car Charger or Portable car charger works:

Plug-In Power: To get started with the process, plug the portable charger into an electrical outlet.

Voltage Conversion: As you watch, the charger works its magic, transforming everyday household voltage into just the right amount for your EV.

Connect to EV: To connect, join the EV using the right plug so that one can attach it securely to the charger in order it have a durable and strong connection.

Control Circuitry: Allow the integrated control circuitry to do the work, handling electricity flow for a smooth and safe charging operation.

Monitoring Battery: Experience the confidence of having a charger that respects your EV’s battery enough to be diligent throughout and not force charge upon it.

Completion Notification: Stay informed! Once your battery reaches full capacity, the charger will let you know it is finished and that there are no risks of overcharging.

Disconnect and Store: Wrap it up safely! Disconnect the charger and save it in a proper place for future usage. This way, you can enjoy optimal functioning for many years to come. 

Why Do People Choose It (Portable EV Charger)?

Find insight on the key reasons why people prefer choosing the Portable EV Charger:

Higher Flexibility: With this charger at hand, you can carry out charging regardless of your location. You can electrify your charging vehicle. 

Convenience: Usage of the EV charger is super simple and convenient, whether it comes to storage or portability. Get a dependable charging solution anytime you need it.

Reliability: This portable charger can be trusted as a backup plan during the blackout. Keep your electric vehicle working, ensuring that you always have peace of mind in unpredictable scenarios and emergencies.

Time Savings: Avoid queues at charging stations and save time. With this portable charger, enjoy the benefits of an efficient, dedicated personal charging solution designed to suit your timings.

Cost-Efficiency: Adopt this portable charger as a more economical option. It eliminates the expensive step of having to install a home charging station, making electric vehicle ownership more economical and attainable.

Compatibility: Understand the broad range of electric vehicle models, which appreciate this charger’s compatibility. Also, benefits from the wide applicability of a charger made to suit various EV brands and models.

What Are The Difference Between Portable And AC EV Chargers?

Several differences exist between the Portable and the AC charger. Here are the key differences between the AC and Portable chargers:

Sr. No.FeaturePortable ChargerAC Charger (Wall Box)
1Charging SpeedLevel 1 (1.4-3.3 kW)Level 2 (7.2-22 kW)
2Charging Time (Full Battery)6 up to 24 hours2 up to 5 hours
3Output PowerLimited by outlet (1.4 up to 3.3 kW)Up to 22 kW (depending on installation)
4Cost$150 up to $500$300 up to $1,000 (installation included)
5PortabilityHighly portable, plug-and-playFixed installation, not portable
6Connector SupportedJ1772 (standard Tesla adapter available)J1772 (Tesla requires an adapter)
7Ease of InstallationPlug-and-play, no installation requiredProfessional installation recommended
8Safety FeaturesGFCI protection, temperature monitoringGFCI protection, circuit breaker
9WarrantyTypically 1-2 yearsTypically 5-10 years
10Best ForOccasional charging, emergency backup, travelRegular home charging, faster speeds

How To Use A Portable Car Charger?

Here are the key steps by following which you can quickly charge up your vehicle with a portable car charger:

Plug In: Connect a provided cable to your portable car charger and plug it into the common power outlet.

Connect to Your EV: Next, attach the other end of the charger to your electric vehicle’s charging port.

Power On: Press the button or flip the indicated switch to turn on the portable charger.

Monitor Charging Progress: Monitor the level of charging progress on your EV through charge indication displayed by your car or illuminations at a charger.

Charging Up: Have patience, and while you are feeding, give ample time for your electric vehicle to be fully charged in case there is proper flow.

Power Off and Disconnect: Lastly, turn off and unplug the charger from your EV once it is already full.

How To Choose The Best Portable Car Charger Supplier?

Research Reputation: Alternatively, select a supplier that is reliable in terms of portable car chargers. Look for a solid reputation.

Check Certification: Check the chargers for compliance with safety regulations. One should, therefore, consider looking for quality and performance certifications.

Evaluate Compatibility: Choose a supplier that deals with car chargers that are compatible with several electric vehicle models. Ensure versatility.

Consider Charging Speed: Is charging fast enough for you to be satisfied? Choose a portable charger that lives up to your standards.

Compare Prices: Strike a relatively affordable and quality balance. And to make a rational decision, both should be able to compare the prices of different suppliers.

Review Customer Feedback: Read customer reviews to gauge satisfaction. Appreciate experiences with suppliers’ products and services.

Check Warranty: Choose a supplier that will provide you with quite an acceptable warranty. Rehabilitate long-term reliability and customer support.

Evaluate Customer Support: Evaluate customer support.- Availability and Contact Information Responds in 5 hours. Provide timely support whenever required.

Assess Delivery Time: Consider the supplier’s delivery time. To meet your timelines, you are guaranteed to receive your portable car charger promptly.

Look for Additional Features: Check additional functionalities that could include portability, smart charging options or hassle-free controls. Opt for a charger that comes with an array of features beyond the normal bells and whistles.


After reading the above article, you now have in-depth insights on the Portable Car Charger and its difference from other chargers. From buying to usage, you can make an informed decision regarding your Portable Car Charger.

Feel free to spread the word about this article and share your thoughts in the comment section. Your feedback helps others choose the right charger. 

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