Top 7 Electric Car Charging Stations Manufacturers In USA

Top 7 Electric Car Charging Stations Manufacturers In USA

1 11 月, 2023
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The role of EVs (Electric Vehicles) in cutting up pollution and adverse impacts on the environment is undeniable.

This is true in contrast to the vehicles that rely on fossil fuels. Many vehicle owners are now transforming to electric vehicles to play their part in conserving the environment for future generations.

This has contributed to the higher demand for EVs, especially in developed countries like the USA.

With the rapid rise in the demand for EVs, people are now considering the choice of the right EV charger. This is what adds up to charging and acts as a vehicle fuel source. 

The selection of the right EV charger station manufacturer contributes to the acquisition of qualitative EV chargers. This way, you can rely on such chargers in the long run. The main goal of this article is to uncover the information on the top 7 Electric car charging station manufacturers in the USA. This will ultimately help you in making a reliable and qualitative charger selection. Let’s get started!

Electric Car Charging Station Manufacturer – Overview

An electric car charging station manufacturer refers to a vicinity or a company that specialises in designing, manufacturing, and production of EV chargers. These manufacturers then provide these chargers to the EV stations or individuals owning the EVs.

Ultimately, these EV chargers play a crucial role in charging up the battery of the EVs. From these manufacturers, you can get any type of charger you want. The main products include the DC super fast charger, AC charger, Level 1 charger, and Level 2 chargers. 

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Top 7 Leading Electric Car Charging Station Manufacturers

There are many electric car charging station manufacturers that exist in the market. Some of the key ones that require your attention in the USA are:


ChargePoint refers to an open EV charging manufacturer. They first started offering services i n the year 2007. The foundations of ChargePoint are in Campbell, within California. Through ChargePoint, you can avail yearly as well as one-time service. The main vicinities to which ChargePoint offer its benefits include retail malls, utilities, restaurants, companies, parking services, etc. 

You can get any type of EV charging station depending on your budget and needs. Some of the charging stations include the Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Chargers. Each charger of the ChargePoint serves accordingly. 

The ChargePoint specialises in manufacturing hardware as well as software solutions. ChargePoint not only manufactures but plays a key role in designing and developing the solutions. So far, ChargPoint owns over 66000 private and public charging locations.

Anyone, including agencies, businesses, and companies, can avail of the services of ChargePoint. Various EV hardware manufacturers make use of the benefits of ChargePoint. Anyone can access the information regarding the charging station on websites, mobile, and through vehicle built-in navigation systems. 


The EV charging station manufacturer, referred to as Wallbox, started their services in the year 2015 in the USA. It is not an ordinary manufacturer of standard EV chargers. The company aims to assist users in saving up expenses tweaking the usage and efficiency. Wallbox EV charging solutions are sustainable. 

You can get any type of charging solution you want from the Wallbox. The notable solutions are public, commercial, and home. Home charging solutions are slower. Public charging solutions are faster, while commercial charging solutions are super fast. 

The Wallbox specialises in making charging and energy management solutions. In the near future, you can expect to acquire the next-generation solutions from Wallbox. The key focus areas of the Wallbox include energy transaction facilitation, vehicle-to-grid supply, vehicle-to-home supply, energy storage, and energy trading. 

BTC Power

The business BTC Power has been working as the sole EV charging station manufacturer in North America since the year 1999. Among the variety of chargers that the BTC manufactures include DC charging systems as well as AC charging systems. The power rating of these chargers lies in the range of 6.6kW up to 350 kW. This means you can get slow-pace as well as fast-pace chargers. 

The main application areas of the BTC power charger include retail centres, stores, fleets, oil and gas stations, etc. At these vicinities, the EV owner charges up their electric cars. Apart from this, fleets, buses, transit shuttles, and Electric Taxis can make use of these chargers. BTC power has no limitation over its services nationally or internationally.  All of the products or services that BTC Power provides truly align with the IIJA, FTA, and FHWA regulatory standards. 


You can refer to Proterra as the leader when it comes to zero-emission vehicle transport. Proterra offers the latest in tech EV solutions to facilitate the working of EV solutions. The headquarters of the company lies in California, USA. Proterra started its services in the year 2004. 

The expertise of the Proterra is in making the best in class Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 chargers. This way, Proterra, among its competitors, offers charging solutions both publicly and commercially. The charging solutions that Proterra offers are completely compatible with any EV you own or possess. 

Proterra contributes majorly to saving the expenses for both EV owners and public transit solution providers. The key ones include the coach services, buses, trucks, and shuttle services. Proterra ensures the provision of a more reliable, dependable, and cleaner solution provision. 


Autel is a relatively new player in the industry, but the company takes an aggressive start in the year 2021 within the USA. The company specialises in catering to the best-in-class solutions for workplaces, gas stations, fleets, public or commercial parking, etc. The main aim of Autel is to cater to sustainable and practical solutions for the end users.

The company has been working in the industry since 2004, but earlier, the company had not started manufacturing EV chargers. One of the key offerings is to supply inspection, diagnostic, and analysis solutions for car electronics. The services of the Autel have no limitation to the USA. Instead, you can get Autel services in more than 70 countries. Key countries on the list include Australia, Germany, and the UK. 

Autel keeps on expanding the Research and development staff from time to time. This has led to a better overall reputation for Autel in the market. You can get any level of charger you want for your vehicle or commercial purpose right from the Autel.

Drive Electric

Drive Electric is a smaller but reputable company when it comes to the acquisition of world-class EV chargers. The company also refers to the Drive Electric Minnesota. Drive Electric has played a great role in the wide adoption of EVs around the USA. This is mainly because of the variety of the EV charger solution offerings. 

Great Plains Institute plays a key role in the encouragement and deployment of EV chargers. They make it possible through public policy, private and public partnerships, education and information conveyance, and financial incentives. This is what makes Drive Electric a public and private organisation. 

The main role behind the organisation is the establishment of a cleaner and greener environment for all. This way, the users and the individuals can decrease the cost of the movement. 

Power Charge

EV Charging

You can depend on the Power Charge, especially for the EV charger equipment and supplies. The main things which make Power Charge stand out include the professional setup, warehouse, branding and timely delivery. Power Charge exists in the USA and started offering its services in 2020. 

Among the users of the Power Charge are commercially reputed EV manufacturing brands and equipment manufacturers. The product range of the Power charge includes the cord and cordless chargers. You can find multiple connectors that support a wider range of compatibility.

Power Charge mainly specialises in offering smart and intelligent charging solutions that boost the adoption of EVs. These smart solutions allow you to start or stop the charging solution just with the help of an internet connection. You will also be going to get software solutions that facilitate data notifications, payment processing, and data analytics accessibility. 

Things You Need To Pay Attention To While Choosing Specific Manufacturer

There are a number of things that need your attention when you are finalising the selection of the specific electric car charging station manufacturer:See if the manufacturer has the charger variants that you are looking for.

Never compromise on the quality or durability of the products. You can cross-check the standard compliance of the specific manufacturer. This will help you build confidence and avoid reliability issues.

Check the customer’s feedback about the specific EV charger manufacturer brand.Before finalising the selection cross, check the prices of the different manufacturers to get an idea about your affordability.

Determine if the specific EV manufacturer offers you the after-sales service. If yes, then this will prevent you from spending extra on hiring experts or professionals for repair or maintenance.

Check the reputation and the popularity of the brand online. This will help you save hours of effort and time. You can access the reliance on the specific brand accordingly.

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