Zipcharge Portable Charger: 2024 Review

Zipcharge Portable Charger: 2024 Review

29 1 月, 2024

Do you get fed up with having to plug in your electric car at traditional charging stations? 2024 brings the Zipcharge Portable EV Charger to free you from stationary charging options. Have you ever had to deal with the inconvenience of navigating around charging stations or being stranded due to a low battery? 

Aggravating, right? Imagine the solution: Zipcharge, a mobile charging wonder that revolutionises the EV experience. No more range anxiety. No more rigid schedules. Just plug in wherever, whenever. In this review, you untangle the Zipcharge Portable EV Charger features, performance and why it is your long-awaited liberating solution.

ZipCharge Portable EV Charger – An Overview

ZipCharge portable EV charger refers to the power bank on wheels. With this charger you can charge your EV anywhere, anytime you want. It comes in a briefcase size. Using this charger, you can add up to over 20 miles of travel range just within 30 minutes or half an hour. 

Sr. No.Feature4kW Model8kW Model
2Output Power4 kW8 kW
3Supported ConnectorsType 2 (SAE J1772)Type 2 (SAE J1772)
4Compatible Power SourceStandard AC wall outlet (110V-240V)Standard AC wall outlet (110V-240V)
5Charge Time (approx.)1-2 hours for full charge0.5-1 hour for full charge
6Range Added (approx.)20-30 miles25-40 miles
7Additional FeaturesIntelligent energy management, mobile app control, and some models offer two-way charging.Intelligent energy management, mobile app control, and some models offer two-way charging.

Benefits of ZipCharge Portable EV Charger

1. On-the-Go Charging

Enjoy freedom with external charging. ZipCharge guarantees to refill the batteries of your EV whenever and wherever necessary, making it a clear leader in terms of service provision for electric mobilities. Now, your travels are not determined by charging stations; they accommodate the way you live.

2. Fast Charging

ZipCharge prioritises efficiency. Enjoy quick charging, cutting downtime. It takes more time to drive than it does to wait. Your EV is all set with ZipCharge, so you don’t hit the skids.

3. User-Friendly Operation

With ZipCharge’s user-friendly controls, charging couldn’t be more simple. Initiate and control charging sessions with ease. Simple operation-plug in and turn on. ZipCharge simplifies your EV experience.

4. Versatility

ZipCharge is the first destination for all different models of EVs. It has the advantage of versatility, appealing to a wide range of electric car owners. ZipCharge has you covered regardless of the type of vehicle.

5. Emergency Charging

Stay prepared with ZipCharge. Rather than a charger, this is your rescue tool. Be rest assured knowing that ZipCharge has your back at times of uncertainties or when the battery is critically low.

6. Cost-Effective

Save big on installation costs. ZipCharge does not require expensive fixed-charge stations. It is an affordable alternative, especially for people who do not have access to in-home charging stations.

7. Innovative Technology

Discover the leader in cutting-edge tech with ZipCharge. Try out the new developments in EV charging. Smart features and connectivity options transform the nature of charging. Stay ahead with ZipCharge’s innovation.

8. Compact Storage

ZipCharge is developed to suit your needs. It tucks away neatly when not in use. Its small size implies that it won’t consume unnecessary space. Labelled as simple and space-saving, ZipCharge fits into your lifestyle perfectly.

Charging Up Your EV With ZipCharge Portable EV Charger

1. Locate a Power Source

Look for a regular electrical outlet or an alternative power source that is compatible with ZipCharge. Choose a site that has space all around the outlet for easy accessibility.

2. Unpack and Inspect

Unzip your ZipCharge Portable EV Charger gently. Before using the device, check it for visible damage or anomalies. To make sure all components are present and functioning.

3. Connect to Your EV

It is easy to simply insert the ZipCharge into your electric vehicle’s charging outlet and let it charge. Ensure a safe connection in order to ensure no interruption in the process of charging. The design guarantees easy and simple hooking up.

4. Power On ZipCharge

Press the power button or flip a designated switch to activate ZipCharge. Ensure that the LED lights on the charger are lit. Immediately, the charger is ready to supply power to your electric vehicle.

5. Adjust Charging Settings (if applicable)

In case your ZipCharge model includes adjustable settings, customise them according to your or the electric vehicle’s needs. This adaptability accommodates a variety of charging requirements effortlessly.

6. Initiate Charging

The charging procedure can be initiated by pressing a start button or performing the required process. See ZipCharge actively providing power to your electric vehicle, starting a fast and convenient charging process.

7. Monitor Charging Progress

Keep monitoring the LED indicators or any digital display available with ZipCharge to know what status your charging session is in. With this, you will be able to monitor the status of your electric vehicle’s battery.

8. Complete Charging

When your electric vehicle has achieved the necessary level of charge, end an individual session by pressing a stop button or following some specific procedure. ZipCharge guarantees accuracy in obtaining the desired battery capacity.

9. Disconnect and Store

Disconnect ZipCharge safely from the charging port of your EV. Place the charger back in its designated location, ensuring that it is always organised and ready for further use. Ease of storage is facilitated by the compact design.

10. Verify Charging Completion

Ensure that your electric vehicle`s battery is fully charged. Some of the vehicles can even alert users or display charging status on their dashboards, which might give further confidence.

11. Secure ZipCharge

If you are charging in a public environment, place the ZipCharge device inside your vehicle or another safe location. This precaution avoids theft or damage so that your ZipCharge is always available for the next round of charging.

Which Vehicles Can Charge Using ZipCharge Portable EV Charger?

There are many vehicles that you can charge using ZipCharge Portable EV Charger. Some of the key vehicle types are:

Sr. No.ManufacturerModel(s)
1Audie-tron, e-tron GT, Q4 e-tron, e-tron S, RS e-tron GT
2BMWi3, i4, iX, iX3, iX5
3ChevroletBolt EV, Bolt EUV
4FordMustang Mach-E
5HondaClarity Electric, e
6HyundaiKona Electric, Ioniq Electric, Niro EV
7KiaNiro EV, EV6
8Mercedes-BenzEQC, EQB, EQA, EQS
10TeslaModel 3, Model Y (with CHAdeMO adapter)
11VolkswagenID.4, e-Golf
12VolvoXC40 Recharge, C40 Recharge

Things To Pay Attention To While Finalizing The Purchase of the Portable EV Charger

1. Compatibility

Make sure that the portable charger works for your electric car’s model and brand. Other EVs might require different charging capacities and plug types.

2. Charging Speed

Speaking about the speed of charging, portable charger. Some models provide more rapid charging options that may be important in reducing downtime while you travel.

3. Power Output

Check the power output of a charger indicated as kW. The higher power outputs are generally associated with faster charging and even more so if your electric vehicle supports larger currents.

4. Portability and Weight

Assess its portability. Seek a portable and convenient design that one can easily carry and store for future usage when outdoors.

5. Cable Length

The charging cable length may affect a degree of flexibility in terms of choice for the location. Choose a charger that has an appropriately long cable, taking into account the challenges of available parking spaces and potential obstacles.

6. Charging Connector Type

Different types of ev charging use diverse connectors. Ensure the availability of an appropriate connector in your portable charger to fit into the car’s charging port.

7. Safety Features

Safety elements –overcurrent protection, overheating and short-circuiting protections need to be emphasised. The following traits ensure a safe charging process for both the car and charger.

8. Ease of Use

Choose a simple-to-operate charger. Charging becomes less troublesome with the intuitive controls and effective markers.

9. Durability and Build Quality

Focus on defining the strength and design integrity of the charger, especially when exposed to fluctuating weather nature. Find chargers with sturdy materials that offer waterproofing features.

10. Brand Reputation and Reviews

Carry out brand image analysis of a manufacturer of portable chargers. By looking at comments about the usage of this charger and user testimonials, you will be able to know whether it is working or not.

11. Cost and Value for Money

In order to determine the real price of a portable charger, you should not only add its value but also all accessories that might be needed. They should try and find an appropriate middle ground between the cost functionality available in this charger with your electric vehicle compatibility.

12. Warranty and Customer Support

It is necessary to check the warranty supplied by the manufacturer. A reliable warranty then implies trust in the strength of the product. Also, analyse the performance of customer support services.


Fed up with circumnavigating issues or having range anxiety? Arrive at ZipCharge, a groundbreaking mobile marvel that revolutionises the EV world. No more restrictive due dates or mileage concerns—match at whatever point and wherever.

This review reveals the features and capabilities of ZipCharge, highlighting it as the EV solution you’ve been waiting for. If you have any other questions about charging piles that you need to consult, you are welcome to contact PIWIN. They will have professional staff to answer your questions and make your choice!

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