How to Buy the Right DC Charging Station

How to Buy the Right DC Charging Station

24 8 月, 2023

With the global adoption of electric vehicles, the demand for charging solutions has increased. Almost every business is planning to have a separate charging station. If you want a scalable, efficient, and fast charging solution, you must realize the location and purpose of the charging station.

Among all charging stations, the optimal one is a DC charging station. These high-powered DC stations are ultra-fast charging stations for empowering vehicles. Fleet and commercial charging are two key uses of DC charging. This blog post delves into ways of picking up the right DC charging station.

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Commercial Charging

If you are thinking of opening a business that is based on public charging stations for EVs, some factors should be focused on to make your choice successful:

Stay Duration of Customers

It refers to the time the customers have to stay at your DC charging station to charge their electric vehicle. It does not depend only on the efficiency of your DC charging station but also on how long you choose to keep your customers at your station.

For this to be understood, there can be two major categories of customers. The ones who are in a hurry get their vehicle recharged quickly, and those who are not in so much hurry. Charging the vehicle is okay for them if it takes a while.

Hence, if your station is on a highway, your customers will tend to recharge their vehicle as soon as possible. For that purpose, you should opt for fast charging (180 kWh or higher output) of their vehicle, which means a short stay at your station.

But if the charging station is in a commercial location, for instance, near restaurants or retail stores, the customers are not in a hurry. So the normal power output (50 kWh or 90 kWh) also works well for them.

Type of EVs

It is another important factor that should be considered while choosing DC charging stations. The electric vehicle range concerning battery size and connector type varies in different types and different brands of EVs.

For instance, the battery size in large EVs such as buses is also large. So if your customers are bus drivers, they will require ultra-fast charging (350 kWh ) to recharge the large batteries of their buses in a minimum amount of time. But the same might not go well for small electric cars. Because their batteries are small, an output of 45-60 kWh would also be sufficient for them.

Your Location

The two major EV charging station infrastructures concerning fast and ultra-fast charging stations are:

Standalone solutions: These are all in one DC charging station. Theta has a combined power supply and user interface, so they tend to have bulkier units.

Split Solutions: As the name refers, they have split modules. One unit is for the interaction of drivers, and the other is for providing energy. These have higher efficiency than standalone solutions.

So based on where you plan to install your DC charging station, you must carefully analyze which infrastructure is best suited for you and all-electric vehicles.

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Payment Method

It is another important factor to ensure the convenience of your customers. Once you have chosen a location, the type of charging, and all other factors are taken care of; you have to decide which payment method will be the easiest and most convenient for you and your customers. There could be multiple ways, such as an application, key fobs, RFID cards, payment terminals, etc.

The Future Perspective

The past few years have been an exponential growth of the EV industry. Due to their benefits, people’s trust has grown to be amazing. IEA statistics show EV registrations increased to 41% in 2020 alone.

Whether you are a business owner looking to set up multiple EV charging stations or an individual user seeking one for your own use, looking out for the best DC charging solutions is important. You need to consider the customer base you will be dealing with, the type of EVs and their battery size, payment methods, and future prospects.

Latest technological developments are also helpful in choosing the right DC charging station. Since there is a vast range of EV types, connectors, and power output available, it is important to analyze which one your customers prefer and accordingly pick up the best-suited solution.

Fleet Charging

Fleet charging is one of the reliable commercial means of DC charging. If you want to avail it for fleet charging, you should know the location and type of your electric SUVs. Moreover, the stay time and length of routes through which EV will pass must be known. Knowing these helps make a scalable charging strategy to fulfill your current needs.

  • Current Necessities: Battery size, power output, and routes of electric vehicles are also crucial elements for charging automobiles. Along with these factors, some unique specifications and charging depots can help select the appropriate hardware.
  • Future of Electric Vehicles: According to IEA’s Global EV Outlook Report 2021, electric auto fleets are increasing globally. A huge proportion of EVs make up the total fleet for futuristic growth. Include a scalable charging plan to accommodate the best EV charging station infrastructure.

Concluding Remarks!

In short, the right DC charging solution is dependent upon multiple factors. To make your business successful, investment in modular hardware is the perfect choice. Once you select a suitable DC charging station, electric vehicle safety increases.

If you are looking for the best DC charging station, PiwinEv Charging is the most reliable one. It provides every option for charging EVs. Moreover, these modern technological charging solutions effectively make your cars the best electric vehicles. Feel free to contact us for optimal DC charging services.

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