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DC Fast Charger

There are several types of dc chargers, including CHAdeMO, CCS, and Tesla Supercharger. CHAdeMO and CCS are the two most common types of DC fast chargers in use today, with CHAdeMO being more common in Asia and CCS being more common in Europe and North America.

Input Voltage Range: 480 V AC - 15 % to +10 % @ 60 Hz
AC Input Connection: 3P + PE (No Neutral)
DC Output Voltage: 150 to 950 V DC
Overvoltage Category: AC Side (Input) OVC: III
DC Output Voltage: 150 to 950 V DC
Overvoltage Category: AC Side (Input) OVC: III


KW-PEVC3401, a level 3 DC fast charger, is specially designed for small ground and underground garage charging stations. This efficient and compact system consists of power modules, control units, communication units, and protection units. It provides comprehensive functionality, allowing for easy charging start, monitoring, and stopping operations. The flexible installation options make it suitable for various environments. With the integration of level 3 DC fast charging technology, KW-PEVC3401 ensures rapid charging for electric vehicles, making it an ideal choice for locations that require fast and reliable charging capabilities.


Parameter Description
Input voltage AC 380V ± 20%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated output power 60kW/120kW/150kW
Output voltage DC 200-1000V
Output current 60A/120A/150A
Power factor > 0.99
Efficiency > 95%
Protection grade IP54


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