Advantages and Features of Portable EV Chargers

Advantages and Features of Portable EV Chargers

26 9 月, 2023

Accessing and going to the EV charging station physically is not always feasible. This can lead you to face anxiety and stress. Charging can decrease or end up while on tour or travel. This can lead you to face a lot of time wastage and frustration.

Also, waiting in long queues is not affordable when you need to get somewhere quickly. Besides this, a lot of variation exists between the EVs. You must find compatible and relevant charging stations to cope with these variations. It is also difficult for the owners to locate the right charging stations when needed. 

The solution in this regard is portable EV chargers. This guide aims to provide sufficient knowledge of the portable EV charger, its advantages and features. Keep reading to know everything about these chargers!

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Portable EV Chargers – A Short Rundown

The term portable in the portable EV chargers reflects that you can take these chargers anywhere you want. These chargers are compact and mobile. You can set these chargers to any single-phase power source and charge your vehicle instantly. These chargers belong to the class of public and home charging solutions.

EV Chargers
Sr. No.ParameterDescription
2Cable length5 Meters (Custom)
3Charging methodSwipe card
4Connection methodMode C (with the gun)
5Operating temperature-30℃-60℃
6Storage temperature-40℃-85℃

Features of The Portable EV Charging Solution

There are multiple features associated with the portable EV charging solution. Some of the key features that you need to consider include:

EV Chargers

Support Multiple Current Rating

The portable EV charger offers support to the multiple current ratings. These ratings are 10A, 16A, 32A, 8A, and even 26A. Each rating caters to the different levels of power output. This ultimately determines how fast or how slow you can charge your vehicles. The faster rating means a higher charging power and higher charging speed. This feature is highly desirable when you need to reach anywhere on time. 

Extra Long Charging Cable

Another feature of the Portable EV charging solution is that it comes with an extra-long cable. This offers you the ultimate convenience. You will not face interruptions or hurdles while taking your charging cable anywhere you want. This helps you overcome confined places. You can park your vehicle a slight distance away and experience optimum charging.

Lightweight and Compact

The portable EV charging station is super lightweight. You are not going to experience the difficulty in lifting and transferring it from one place to another. Anyone can easily carry it along with them. Another feature of the portable charging station is that it is compact. You can fit it in any place you want, especially the car trunk. Anywhere you go, you can take this charger with you. 

User Intuitive

You can plug and play the EV charging station on the go. It is highly user-intuitive. You don’t need to acquire a special kind of training. By purchasing the portable EV charger, you will receive the user manual.

To use it, you can also see the instructions inside the manual. Apart from this, there are videos on the platform present. These videos will guide you in starting the portable EV charging station. 

IP55 Protection

The portable EV charging station features a high level of weather resistance. You can use it worry-free in the rain or even in bright sunlight. The adverse weather conditions can do nothing with your EV charger. Durable and reliable materials play a key role in this regard.

They can resist higher temperatures and even direct water contact. You do not need to worry about damaging your vehicle or charging system. The material of this portable EV charger resists the flames accurately and precisely.  

Support a Wide Range of Operating Temperature

Using the portable EV charging station, you can ensure a wide range of storage and operational temperatures. Such a wide range of temperature support allows you to work conveniently without damaging your charging component.

The storage range of temperature is -40℃ up to -85℃. In contrast, the working temperature support is -30℃ to -60℃. The main reason behind this is that the device’s temperature due to current flow also rises during working. 

Wide range Outlet Compatibility

Due to the lower current rating, unlike that of the Level 3 chargers. You can easily set up these chargers to single-phase power sources.  You can use your chargers at home, in public spaces, parking lots, and even in real estate areas. You can easily charge your vehicle wherever you go with these portable chargers. 

RFID Support

The portable EV charger supports the RFID reader. Within the portable charger, the screen has a size of 4.3 inches. Using this screen, you can swap your card to begin charging. The option exists to custom set the charging configuration as per requirement.

This way, you can change your vehicles on the go. The portable EV charging station also supports ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G and even 5G. By connecting it to the internet, you can manage the usage of the portable EV charging station.

What advantages can you harness using the Portable EV charging station?

There are multiple benefits you can harness by choosing the EV charging station. Some of the key advantages for your reference include:

Unmatchable Flexibility

You can enjoy complete flexibility by purchasing the portable EV charging station. You don’t need to visit the charging station infrastructure physically. With a portable EV charging station, you can charge your vehicle around the clock using EV chargers. No matter if you are traveling, working, or at home. The portable chargers are a highly effective solution in this regard. 

Long Distance Commuting

The portable charger support long-distance commute on the go. Unlike other ways, people remain worried if their vehicle charging ends up. This prevents them from enjoying their travel activities at their peak.

On the other hand, the Portable EV charger allows you to charge up your vehicle from anywhere you want. When you see that your vehicle charging is ending, you can stop at any single-phase power source and charge your vehicle at its full. 

Wide Compatibility

You can set up the portable EV charger for multiple vehicles on the go. The portable charger is the level 1 and level 2 charger simultaneously. Increasing or decreasing the power can convert it to any type you want. The portable charger supports all standard connectors. This adds up to a wide range of compatibility to your EV. This opens up many options for using this charger on any vehicle. 

Get Rid of Long Queues

When you have portable EV chargers, you don’t need to wait in long queues. This contributes to the waste of valuable time. You cannot fulfill your duties and tasks on time. But portable EV chargers act as a lifesaver in this regard. They help you get rid of the long queues. Charge anytime as per your requirement. You can this way relieve the stress off from your shoulders. 

Low Costs

The portable EV charging solution is cheaper than the physical charging station. This is because you don’t need to set up infrastructure for these charging stations. Apart from this, portable EV chargers do not require a higher power source.

Besides this, you don’t need to pay the service charges like you do for EV charging stations. Therefore, you can save a lot in the long run with these chargers. 

Higher Energy Efficiency

These portable EV chargers offer you a high level of energy efficiency. This means that by using these chargers, you are not going to face electrical energy losses. Instead, you can reap maximum benefits in terms of energy and charging.

High efficiency makes these chargers highly desirable among many customers. This is because energy efficiency is the key concern when buying these portable chargers. Because of the high energy efficiency, you will experience lower costs with these chargers. 

Improve Resale Value

Using the Portable EV charger right from the start of the vehicle purchase increases your car resale value. This ensures and reflects to the buyers that you have taken essential steps to charge your vehicle.

Another thing that matters is having a charger prevents the owner from depleting the battery or achieving the 100% charge. Both cases affect the battery life and damage the charging system. This is the point a portable charger owner takes care of and increases his vehicle value. 

App Control Configuration

The portable chargers also support the app control. While charging, you can go nearby without worrying about overcharging the vehicle. Just with your mobile, you can start or stop the charging operation. This further adds up to your convenience and comfort. 

Final Words

Portable EV chargers, such as the PiwinEVcharging, are essential for EV owners. These chargers are a must-have in your collection. After understanding the above features and advantages, you’ll see why this brand is a trusted choice. Invest in this outstanding technology and experience its benefits. Share your thoughts on the PiwinEVcharging in the comment section.

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