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Energy Storage System

Pilot 100kW/232kWh Integrated Liquid-Cooling ESS

Economically efficient - system efficiency up to 90%.
Safe and reliable - multiple security protection systems.
Intelligent management -10% increase in battery utilization.
Highly convenient - Capex reduced by 2%.

System diagram

PRODUCT DETAILS BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage System. It refers to a system that stores electrical energy in batteries for later use. BESS is a crucial component of modern energy systems as it helps address challenges related to intermittent renewable energy sources, grid stability, and energy demand fluctuations.

Technical Parameter

Parameter Description
Type 100kW/232kWh Integrated Liquid-Cooling ESS
Dimensions(W*D*H) 1300mm*1376mm*2092mm
Weight ≤2800kg
IP level IP54(Outdoor)
Ambient temperature -20℃~50℃
Noise ≤60dB
Altitude ≤3000m
Fire-fighting system Perfluorohexanone
Communication RS485/CAN2.0/Ethernet
Rated voltage AC400V,3L+N+PE
Rated power 100kW
Grid voltage range 380V(-20%~+15%)
Rated current 145A
Grid frequency range 50Hz/60Hz±2.5Hz
Charge/discharge conversion time <100ms
Power factor -0.99~+0.99
Battery type LFP 3.2V/280Ah
Module model 1P52S
Composition 1P*52S*5S
Rated energy 232kWh
Nominal voltage 832V
Voltage range 741V~949V