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AC EV Charger

AC charging cars, also known as Level 2 chargers, provide faster and more efficient charging than Level 1 chargers. They are suitable for home and public charging, offering convenience and reliability. With a Level 2 charger outlet, you can easily connect your electric vehicle to a dedicated charging station. These chargers offer higher power, reducing charging times and ensuring your vehicle is quickly charged.

Input Type: Single-Phase/3-Phase
Grid Frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ
Rate Current: Rate Current:
Rate Power: 7KW, 11KW, 22KW/3.5KW, 7KW
Charge Connector: Type 1 or Type 2 Plug
Charging Protocol: OCPP1.6J


KW-PEVC2201 is a basic wall-mount three-phase AC charging car. It is easy to install, stable in performance, and provides a complete protection function. The LCD display can show the charging status, and user friendly. It supports 4G/Ethernet/WiFi communication with a party system for remote monitoring/maintenance/upgrade. The charger can optionally equip with a column support installed outdoors.


Parameter Description
Protection IP55
Cable length 5 Meters (Custom)
Charging method Swipe card
Connection method Mode C (with gun)
Operating temperature -30℃-60℃
Storage temperature -40℃-85℃


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