Importing EV Charger from China: A Guide

Importing EV Charger from China: A Guide

16 11 月, 2023

Sustainable transportation is the key to ensuring low carbon emissions and adverse environmental effects. The development of Electric vehicles has played a greater role in this regard. For fueling up EVs, the EV charger is essential. 

Are you looking out for a way to import EV (Electric Vehicle) chargers from China? Multiple things contribute to the difficulties you face while importing cost-effective and reliable EV charger solutions. A few of the challenges include quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and international trade intricacies.  

Fret not. This guide will highlight essential information on the importing process. Also, get familiar with top considerations and guidelines for importing EV chargers from China. 

EV Charger – Brief Introduction

You can define an EV charger as a device that assists in charging up the vehicle battery. The main components of the EV charger include cable, power supply, control board, user interface, and connector. The functions of these components are as follows:

EV Charger - Brief Introduction

Cable: Ensure transmission of power supply.

Power Supply: The role of the power supply is to provide electric current for smooth operation.

Control Board: The control board controls the charging parameters under specific limits. This includes power, wattage, etc.

User Interface: It is an LCD/LED screen that allows the user to start, stop or optimize the charging process.

Connector: The connector plays a crucial role in connecting the EV to the EV charger,

Highlighting The Main Types Of EV Charger

EV charger has three key types. Get information on each type right in the following section:

dc charging

1. Home EV Charger.

These chargers also refer to the Level 1 EV charger. The main reason why you refer to home EV chargers is that you can plug these chargers into power outlets featuring 120V to 240V. These are slow chargers and take around 12 hours to charge up your vehicle fully. Home EV chargers are portable as well as fixed ones. You can choose any variation you want. The power output of these chargers is around 3 kW to 7 kW.

2. Workplace/ Business EV Charger

Workplace charger also refers to Level 2 EV charger. These chargers support a power outlet of 240V or more. Level 2 EV chargers are faster than home EV chargers. Using these chargers, you can charge up your vehicle just within 5 to 7 hours. These chargers are fixed ones. You cannot take these chargers anywhere you want. You can expect an output power of 7kW to 19kW from these chargers.

3. Commercial EV Charger

Commercial EV chargers are Level 3 EV chargers. These chargers are super fast. The output power of these chargers lies anywhere around 19kW to 500kW, depending on the product. You need special infrastructure for the installation of these DC EV chargers station. The good thing about these chargers is that you can charge your vehicle within 5 to 15 minutes. 

Top Reasons To Choose Chinese EV Charger Supplier

Multiple reasons exist that will compel you to choose a Chinese EV charger supplier. The notable ones are:

1. Economic Independence

It is no boner that the economy of China lies among the largest economies around the globe. Chinese government offers support in terms of incentives and smooth policies to manufacturers. You cannot ignore the role of the highly knowledgeable, expert, and abundant labor in this regard. Combining all of these aspects, you can get qualitative products at a cheap rate. This is why you need to consider China while importing EV chargers.

2. Up To Date Technology

Chinese manufacturers use up-to-date technology. They manufacture their own advanced and smart in-tech machinery. This machinery contributes to the manufacturing of large quantities of products with higher precision and accuracy. You can get any quantity of the product you want on time by choosing Chinese manufacturers.

3. Versatile Solutions

You can choose China electric vehicle charger manufacturers by understanding the top 5 ac ev charger suppliers in China, and you can get what you need. They offer versatile solutions that meet the needs of personal, workplace, corporate and commercial applications. Chinese electric vehicle charger manufacturers offer competitive products with the latest solutions.

4. Offer Personalized Products

Choosing the Chinese manufacturers allows you to order personalized products as per your requirements. You can also order private-label products. For instance, you can change the output power, charging speed, product logo, etc. You can set up your brand in your country with your name on it. 

5. Access Online

To deal with the Chinese EV charger manufacturers, you dont need to spend money or visit the supplier physically. Everything exists online, and you can get assistance, clear your confusion, and negotiate without going to China. An option exists to screen out different manufacturers by assessing online customers’ feedback, product types, costs, reliability, etc. This helps you trust and rely on specific manufacturer.. 

6. Durable and Long-lasting

You cannot question the level of durability of the Chinese EV chargers. All of the products feature higher impact resistance and comply with national and international standards. These standards of compliance ensure overcoming challenges to the moisture content, temperature fluctuations, weather impact, etc. This, in turn ensures the reliability and longer working life of the specific EV charger. 

Importing EV Charger From China – Step By Step

Get insights on the step-by-step process you can use to import EV chargers from China:

1. Begin By Search

First, determine which EV charger you need. There are many types, as discussed above. Filter out what your need is and what type of vehicle you possess. Later, select the compatible charger. You can do so online by reading specs and vehicle compatibility. 

2. Find Charger Manufacturer

The second step in the process is finding an EV charger supplier or manufacturer. Choosing a reputable and reliable supplier will help you get qualitative and affordable products. Reading the customer reviews online will help you in this regard. You can access social media pages to interact with the communities/groups for good recommendations.

3. Getting Quote

After finding out the EV charger manufacturer or supplier, the next thing is contacting and getting a quote. You can do the same step for different manufacturers. This will help you find out which one manufacturer offers higher or lower rates. You can also get online assistance from the manufacturer regarding product specs or any questions you have. 

4. Screening Supplier

To find the best supplier in the market, you need to check the brand credibility, customer reviews and ratings. You can do so if the particular brand has a presence on alibaba, Shopify, amazon, etc. Apart from this, you can see their social media profiles for effective screening. Check out their standards of compliance and license to build trust.

5. Negotiation

The next thing you need to do is negotiate. Negotiation is the key to ensuring your satisfaction in terms of affordability and price. You can talk to the supplier to decrease their cost or offer a discount. Check out if the supplier is offering you any concession on import or export duties. 

6. Logistics and Shipping

Stay in contact with the supplier until you get your product. Keep tracking your product throughout the shipment way. This will help you enjoy peace of mind and avoid any loss.

7. Duty Clearance

It is essential to stay familiar with the duty clearance process and regulations. This is true for your country and for the country from which you are importing. Keep your documents and files complete. This will help you experience worry-free clearance. 

8. Testing and Inspection

After receiving the product, the next thing you need to do is test and assessing the product. Make sure to check you have got what you ordered. Operate it and check out if it is offering higher efficiency and effectiveness. 

9. After Sales Support

Before purchasing the product, determine if the specific manufacturer is offering after-sale support or service. In case yes, then it is good to avoid the repairs and maintenance in the long run. 

Considerations While Purchasing EV Charger

While selecting the specific EV charger, you need to pay attention to these things:

1. Charge Speed

Calculate the speed of the charger that it will take to charge up your vehicle battery. Greater charging speed required a higher level charger. For this, you also need to assess your vehicle travel requirement in kilometers per day. 

2. Type of Connector

Find out what type of connector your vehicle supports. Choose or purchase a charger that features a compatible connector. For instance, the popular connectors are: CCS, J1772, CHAdeMO, etc. 

3. Installation Requirements

Get familiar with the requirements you need to follow for installation. In this regard, the role of proximity, accessibility, and convenience is paramount. Determine the electricity access for that location. Location assessment will help you save up extra. 

4. Remote Connectivity and Management

There are EV chargers exist that support remote connectivity and management. You can use this charger for charging remotely just with an internet connection. Consider this feature while selecting a particular charger.

5. Payment Control and Access

If you are using an EV charger for business, then the payment method matters. There are systems that supports online payment transfer or cash or credit card transfer. You can use anyone as per your suitability.

6. Scalability and Upgradation

Before selecting the specific charger, determine if you can upgrade it in the future or not. The scalable solutions allow you to enjoy value for money. With the rapidly evolving technology, you will stay in the race and ensure your survival in the market. 


“Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this comprehensive guide ensures you can import EV chargers from China without any worries. In this guide, we delve into the details of procuring reliable, high-quality, and efficient EV Charger products, focusing on brands that have established trust in the market, like PIWIN.

The emphasis is on guiding you through the nuances of selecting the right suppliers and understanding the specifications that matter. We appreciate your feedback on this guide. If you find it useful, please share your thoughts in the comment section.