Shell EV Charging Vs. Piwin EV Charging Vs. Abb EV Charger

Shell EV Charging Vs. Piwin EV Charging Vs. Abb EV Charger

26 10 月, 2023

Getting the right EV charger is what matters to reap the perks in the long run. Multiple renowned EV charger manufacturer exists in the market. Without having in-depth insights on the prominent manufacturers. It is hard to decide which one to choose and which one not. 

You don’t need to worry as this article represents the facts on three popular EV charger manufacturers. These companies include Shell EV Charging, Piwin ev charging, and ABB EV Charging.

Keep reading and know the overview and company background, what makes them stand out, and much more. Let’s begin to uncover the facts!

EV Charging Solution – Overview

An EV charging solution is a solution that assists in charging the batteries of the EVs (Electric Vehicles).

There are different types and categories of EV chargers exist. Each offers an extra level of features and capabilities. 


ev charging

Piwin is a Chinese EV charger manufacturer with its roots in Zhuhai, within the boundaries of the Guangdong province in China. The Piwin began its operations regarding EV chargers in 2000.

Piwin’s main objective is to produce, develop, and sales of EV charger products and accessories. Apart from this, you can also get after-sales services. To date, Piwin has successfully registered over 68 patents. 

Piwin has over 31 unique technologies that facilitate the process of EV Charger Station manufacturing. Every Piwin product or EV charger follows the set of international as well as national standards.

Piwin offers a series of AC and DC chargers. The plugin possesses over 500 employees. Every employee has proper knowledge and skills. The company is offering its services in more than 60 countries around the world. 

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What Products You Can Get From Piwin?

Piwin offers high-power and low-power chargers. They both can cater to your needs effectively. Get insights on each one down below:

Portable EV Chargers

You can also refer to these chargers as level one charger. An option exists to take these chargers anywhere you want. You can plug these chargers into a standard power outlet featuring 120 Volts. These chargers are compact and lightweight. 

AC EV Charger

You can connect these chargers to a single phase or three phases as per your suitability. The output power you can get from these chargers includes 3.5 kW, 7 kW, 11 kW, and 22 kW. These chargers belong to the level 2 category.

High Power EV Chargers

These chargers are also referred to as DC chargers. High-power EV chargers provide you with an output power of 60 kW to 240 kW. Using these chargers, you can quickly charge up your vehicle battery.

Why Opt For The Piwin EV Chargers?

Many things add up to the desirability of the Piwin. Some of the key things that you need to focus on are:

Standards Compliance

Piwin’s products feature strict compliance with national and international standards. This means you can enjoy peace of mind with Piwin. Some bars and certifications that Piwin follows include Rohs, CCC, TUV, CE, etc.

Customized Solution

You can order the custom EV charger from Piwin. You can add up your logo, tweak the size, charging speed/time, etc. This way, you can get a product that solely caters to your requirements.

Wide Range of Chargers

Piwin offers multiple chargers for various needs. You can get the home charger, commercial charger, charger for fleets, and business chargers. There is no way that you cannot get your desired chargers. These chargers support output power of 30 kW, 60 kW, 80 kW, 120 kW, 160 kW, 180 kW, and 240 kW. 

Unmatchable Electric Safety

All of the EV chargers by Piwin feature incredible electric safety. They overcome over current, under voltage, and ground fault intelligently. 


Piwin offers a truly cost-effective solution. Anyone can afford these solutions. Affordability is what adds up to Piwin’s reputation and helps it beat its competitors. 

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ABB EV Charger

ABB is known for introducing cutting-edge products in the electrification and automotive sectors. ABB has foundations in North America and has over 1500 employees worldwide. They first began offering services regarding EV chargers in the year 2012.

The company first introduced the DC fast chargers in 2012. Later, in 2013, the ABB put forward the CCS1 charger. ABB introduced the first 150 kW system in 2017 and the 350 kW system in 2018. 

The ABB aims to make the environment go green by zero-emission mobility. ABB has a strong presence in over 85 different markets around the globe.

So far, ABB has delivered more than 50,000 DC fast chargers. The ABB has over 400 expert and skillful research and development persons on the team. Apart from this, the company has strengthened its presence by manufacturing over 1 million AC chargers. 

What Products You Can Get From ABB?

ABB offers a series of products for the EV charger category. Some of the prominent and notable products that you can get include:

Terra AC Wallbox

Supports two phases, single phase (7.4 kW) and three phase (22 kW). The option exists to use either type 1 or type 2 cable as per your requirement. 

Terra DC Wallbox

You can connect the CE variant to three phases with an output power of 22 to 24 kW. On the other hand, the UL variant offers 19.5 kW on a single phase. With CE variants, you can get dual output in terms of CCS2 or CHAdeMO. 

Terra EV Fast Charger

This charger can support the output power of 20 kW to 180 kW. Hence, the Terra EV fast charger can serve up to three vehicles in a single time. 

Terra HP Charger

The Terra HP charger offers an output of 175 kW up to 350 kW. This charger is perfect for charging vehicle fleets. 

Connector or Depot Charging

These chargers are ciel or wall mount and are best for charging e-truck as well as e-bus. You can get an output power of 100 kW to 160 kW. The option exists to deal with more than four vehicles at a time for charging.

Why You Should Opt For ABB EV Charger?

There are many features and perks associated with the ABB EV charger that can assist you in this regard. Some of the key features and perks are:

Guaranteed Safety

Each of the EV chargers by ABB features high-end safety. In the design of every charger, there lies overcurrent protection, ground fault, overvoltage and undervoltage security, and surge protection. 

Wide Range of Connectivity

The level of connectivity that ABB EV Charger supports is of a wider range. It supports multiple connections, including Bluetooth, 4G variants, OCPP 1.6, Ethernet RJ45, and 4G variants. 

Effective Load Management

Load management plays a key role in the EV charging system. Almost every charger of the ABB supports effective load management. It meters the load, tweak the charger performance, and output power accordingly.

Charger for Multi Phases

You can get the single-phase charger as well as the multi-phase charger as per your requirement. Each one caters to the different charging speeds and times.

IP Rated Chargers

No one can question the material and quality of the ABB EV charger as all are IP-rated. This means they can strongly resist the weather impact. Harsh sunlight can do nothing to the ABB EV Chargers.

Shell EV Charging

Shell is a global companies group working in the petrochemical and energy sector. The company has over 90k employees working in over 70 countries around the globe.

With the evolution and advancement in the electric mobility. Shell has come forward with the best-in-class EV chargers and EV charging points. 

So far, Shell owns over 40k charging points at various sites, including retail, forecourts, etc. By the year 2025, Shell will own 70,000 plus public charging points, which will scale up to 200,000 by the year 2030. 

What Products or Services You Can Get From Shell?

Shell offers different charging services through the latest and most advanced EV chargers. Some of the key benefits that you can get are:

Home Chargers

Shell offers home chargers that can assist you in charging up your vehicle while in the parking or at home.

This is a level 1/level 2 charger that provides power output ranging from 0 to 22 kW. Using these chargers, you can charge your vehicle within 6 to 12 hours. 

Home Chargers

Business or Fleet Chargers

These chargers result in an output power of 22 kW up to 240 kW. A transport business that owns multiple vehicles can harness the benefit of these chargers. 

Ultra Fast Chargers

Shell offers these chargers to result in high-speed charging within 20 to 40 minutes. These chargers result in a power output of 240 kW up to 480 kW.

Why Should You Opt For Shell EV Charging?

Some of the key desirables to choose the Shell EV Charging includes:

Best In Class Chargers

Shell has partnered with world-class EV charger manufacturers like ABB to source higher-quality equipment. You can trust the shell EV charging service.

24/7 Service

You can avail of the services of the Shell EV charging around the clock. There is no interruption you are going to feel when helping the services.


The Shell EV chargers feature a high level of user-friendliness. Anyone can use these EV chargers without any kind of human interruption. Contactless payment and digital displays cater to the intuitive experience.

Versatile Solutions

Shell EV charging system caters to the custom charging experience. You can tweak the charging speed and time. An option exists to tweak the other variables. These chargers are efficient and effective.

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