Best 5 AC EV Charger Supplier In China 2023

Best 5 AC EV Charger Supplier In China 2023

10 11 月, 2023

When it comes to quality and reliability, you cannot deny the selection of the best EV charger manufacturer. As the demand for EVs (Electrical vehicles) is surging, you can’t ignore the EV chargers in this regard. The main reason behind this is that these chargers are critical in fueling up your EV while conserving the environment. 

Among chargers, many types exist. But the AC ones capture people’s attention because they are low-power chargers, and you can use them almost anywhere. These chargers can easily support input connection into 120V or 240V ports. 

To help you get the best EV charger in the market. This article will provide insights on the best 5 AC EV charger manufacturers. Keep reading to learn about manufacturers, the types of products they manufacture, and what makes their products stand out. Sounds Exciting? Let’s delve deeper!

AC EV Charger – Overview

AC EV Charger also refers to the alternating current EV charger. The main role of these chargers is to convert electricity from the grid into DC for EV battery charge-up. These chargers are highly suitable for workplace or residential settings.

Typically, these chargers are slower compared to DC fast chargers. But the good thing about these chargers is that you can use them anywhere you want. This is because unlike DC ultra-fast chargers, these chargers even support residential AC ports. Click here to fully understand the difference between ac and dc charging.

Top 5 AC EV Charger Suppliers in China 

Here is the list of the top 5 AC EV charger suppliers for your consideration:

Sr. No.Company NameYear EstablishedNationalityMain ProductsProduct PricesAnnual Income
1Piwin2000Zhuhai, ChinaPortable EV charger 、AC EV Chargers、High Power EV Chargers $250 up to $6000$100 million
2Sinexcel2007Shenzhen, ChinaEV ChargersHybrid InvertersBatteries$300 up to $5000 or more$237 million
3XPENG2014Guangzhou, ChinaEV ChargersXpilotXmart OS$270 up to $50k or moreN/A
4NIO2014Shanghai, ChinaAC EV ChargerLevel 2 ChargerLevel 3/DC ChargerLatest In Tech EVsEV Services$400 up to $100k or more$2.11 billion
5Delta2011Shanghai, ChinaAC ChargersDC ChargersEnergy Management Systems$290 up to $5000 or more$12.73 billion


Piwin refers to the world-class AC EV charger manufacturer. The Piwin first started their services in this era in 2000 in Zhuhai, China. The main goal of Piwin is to design/build, manufacture, and selling of EV chargers.

dc charinging

You cannot only get the AC EV chargers, but you can also retrieve the charger accessories and products. Till now, Piwin has registered more than 68 patents, which reflect the serious attitude of Piwin to environmental conservation. You can also get after-sales services by choosing Piwin. 

31 state-of-the-art and latest technologies assist in manufacturing the best AC EV charger manufacturers. Each product of Piwin is completely aligned with national and international standards. Every employee of Piwin is equipped with expertise and crucial knowledge. Piwin is not only working in China but also providing services in 60+ countries. 

Piwin has a strong social media presence. It operates Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. On Facebook, Piwin has 11k followers and likes. While on YouTube and Linkedin, Piwin has 0.2k subs and followers. 


You can get the following products from Piwin:

  1. Portable EV charger
  2. AC EV Chargers
  3. High-Power EV Chargers

Some of the notable features that you need to pay attention to for Piwin EV Chargers are:

  • You cannot question the durability and reliability of the EV chargers. These chargers are built to last.
  • The option exists to get any charger type from Piwin, whether you need it for residential purposes, business, or commercial purposes. Piwin has a solution for you.
  • The compatibility of the EV chargers is notable. You can connect this charger with adapters or connectors to any vehicle
  • These chargers are safe and efficient. Using these chargers, you are not going to harm or affect your vehicle or vehicle battery
  • No training or knowledge to operate these chargers. They are highly user-friendly


Sinexcel is also a great player in the field of EV charger manufacturing. Sinexcel first started its services in 2007. They provide diverse solutions in the electric energy sector with the main aim of serving mankind.

The headquarters of the Sinexcel is in Shenzhen, China. Sinexcel owns 157 filed patents, which reflect the company’s progress and success. Apart from China, Sinexcel also offers its services in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Sinexcel utilizes 200-plus technologies to facilitate convenient research and development. Sinexcel has a notable social media presence on LinkedIn and YouTube. On LinkedIn, the company has 14k followers. While on YouTube, Sinexcel has subscribers of around 0.5k. You can also contact Sinexcel directly through their website. 


You can get these products from the Sinexcel:

  1. EV Chargers (Level 1(AC Charger)/Level 2/Level 3)
  2. Hybrid Inverters
  3. Batteries (Storage System Products)
  4. Electric Power Support Products

Some features that make Sinexcel products stand out are:

  • The accuracy and precision of the product’s performance are remarkable. You can trust sin-excel products
  • Sinexcel manufactures products that comply with national and international standards
  • The material quality of the products from Sinexcel is dependable
  • No extensive maintenance measures associated with the sin-excel products
  • The cost-effectiveness of the Sinexcel products is also attention-seeking


The company XPENG first started in 2014 in Guangzhou, China. XPENG specializes in designing, building, and marketing smart solutions that cater to intuitive mobility. The company has a wide working base around the world with multiple offices and industries. 

XPENG offers solutions for robotics, EVs, and aircraft. You can choose any solution you want that favors your needs. Out of the total employees, 40% are allocated to the R&D (Research and Development).

XPENG is popular because it offers advanced, latest, and smart solutions. These solutions incur minimal human intervention and make the usage super convenient. The company has multiple offices in various cities and states under construction. This reflects the expanding business for the XPENG AC EV manufacturer.

You can also reach out to XPENG through social media. The key platforms include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. On LinkedIn, the company has over 99k followers. On FB, 351k followers. On Instagram, 38k followers. On Twitter, 319k followers, and YouTube, 12k subs to date. 


  1. EV Chargers (Home (AC), Workplace, Business/Commercial)
  2. Advanced Driver System (XPilot)
  3. Intelligent In-Car Operating System (Xmart OS)

The Popular XPENG features are as follows:

  • You just need to plug in and charge. There are no other extra doings needed from your side
  • The system features a smart guarding system, which will prevent others from stealing the electrical energy 
  • You can share the account through a software solution and allow multiple persons to charge through
  • The option exists to save money and time by employing the scheduling option 


NIO refers to the top manufacturer of AC EV chargers. NIO started in 2014 in this era with foundations in Jiading, Shanghai, China. The main service area of the NIO includes autonomous driving, battery systems, electric power trains, etc.

AC EV chargers

The company has a better presence online, especially through social media. The main channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can connect with the NIO through any channel you want. 

On Linked NIO has 4k followers. On Instagram, 47k followers. On FB, 123k likes. On Twitter, 225k followers, and youtube, 28k subs. These stats are true to date. 


  1. AC EV Charger
  2. Level 2 Charger
  3. Level 3/DC Charger
  4. Latest In Tech EVs
  5. EV Services

If you are wondering what sets the products of the NIO apart, consider the highlights below:

  • Uniqueness in the functionality and appearance of products
  • Smart energy storage systems
  • Safe, secure, and efficient charging systems
  • Guarantee for the EV Charging system solutions


The company Delta was established in 2011 in Pudong Shanghai, China. Similar to other manufacturers, Delta’s services are not limited to China. Instead, the company first started in 1971 in the USA. The team of scientists and engineers at Delta is highly skillful and expert. This is what caters to the company’s reputation and credibility. 

Delta Company specializes in the research, designing, development, manufacturing, and selling of EVs, Chargers, and related services. The company has a strong presence on diverse social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The stats to date are followers on FB 4.7k, followers on Instagram 53k, followers on LinkedIn 130k, and YouTube 2.7k. Reach out and contact the company through any means you like. 


  1. AC Chargers
  2. DC Chargers
  3. Energy Management Systems

Get insights on the key features of the Delta Products down below:

  • Reliable and Lasting, Delta has a reputation in the market for durable product provision
  • The performance of the product is undoubtful. Each charger is super efficient and effective
  • Cost-effectiveness is what makes the Delta products stand out from the rest
  • Super user-friendly and intuitive charging management system that enhances the vehicle and vehicle battery system life

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