How Much To Charge An Electric Car At A Charging Station?

How Much To Charge An Electric Car At A Charging Station?

28 12 月, 2023

The charging cost remains a big concern for EVs’ potential and new owners (Electric Vehicles). This is because charging powers the EV and keeps it functional for daily commutes. Due to the existence of different types of chargers and charging networks, the cost varies.

Apart from this, the cost of charging varies from region to region. This adds complexity and frustration to calculating how much to charge an EV. Fret not! This short article will help you get familiar with the charging cost of EVs on various chargers, regions, and battery capacity. Sounds exciting? Continue to read!

Factors That Greatly Influence the Charging Cost 

Charging cost depends on multiple things. Some of the critical items in this regard are:

1. Type of Charger

There are different types of chargers, including the level 1 charger, level 2 charger, and station 3 charger. Each charger makes use of varying output power. The output power for the level 1 charger is around 3kW to 7 kW. The output power for the level 2 charger is 7 kW to 19 kW. The output power for the level 3 charger is 50 kW to 350 kW. Greater output power means you need to bear the higher cost.

Sr. No.Charger LevelPower (kW)Charge Time (Full)Estimated Cost per Full ChargeReal-world Cost Range
1Level 1 (3-7 kW)70 hours$20-35$25-50
2Level 2 (7-19 kW)1110.25 hours$40-70$20-35
3Level 3 (50-350 kW)195 0.5 hours (10% to 80%)$10-20 (10% to 80%)$15-30 (10% to 80%)

2. Energy Cost for The Region

The cost of the energy varies from region to region. Each area has various policies and taxes in place. If the charger gets its power supply from the grid, then the cost also relies on the cost of fossil fuel that the grid consumes to generate the electricity.

The cost will be minimal if the charger receives the electric supply from solar panels or green energy. This also leads to the preservation of the environment for future generations. Please note the prices in the table below vary with the time.

Sr. No.RegionAverage Household Cost (US cents/kWh)SourceDate
1USA15.84U.S. Energy Information AdministrationOctober 2023
2Germany33.14StatistaMarch 2023
3Netherlands34.40EurostatOctober 2023
4Australia19.05Australian Energy CouncilAugust 2023
5South Korea14.13Korea Electric Power CorporationJuly 2023
6China9.02National Energy Administration of ChinaJuly 2023
7France19.52Commission de régulation de l’énergieOctober 2023
8UK34.42Office for National StatisticsSeptember 2023

3. Battery Capacity of EV

The battery capacity of the EV is different from vehicle to vehicle. Get insights on the battery capacity of different cars down in the table:

Sr. No.ModelBattery Capacity (kWh)EPA Range (miles)WLTP Range (km)
1Nissan Leaf Plus62212364
2BMW i7101.7300591
3Chevrolet Bolt EUV66.4247405
4KIA EV677.4310528
5Ford Mustang Mach-E (Extended Range)91305491
6Lucid Air Grand Touring112520832
7Mercedes EQS 580107.8350784
8Tesla Model Y (Long Range)75330514

The greater the battery capacity, the greater the output power requirement. This eventually contributes to the more significant cost of charging in the end. So this is also a factor that influences the charging cost.

4. Government Taxes

The taxation policies vary from state to state. So, this also influences the charging cost. For the states suffering from power shortages, the electricity cost rises. So check your region where you need to pay higher or lower to charge your EV.

5. Peak Periods

When the demand for the charger increases, the charging rate per kWh increases. For instance, the cost increases if many vehicles are waiting for charging. In contrast, the off periods contribute to lower charging costs and better overall convenience.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car Fully?

The cost to charge your EV at its fullest varies from charger to charger. Let’s get highlights on the charging cost for each charger type:

1. Fee to Charge on Level 1 Charger/ How Much To Charge An Electric Car At Home

The table below will provide in-depth insights into the cost you need to spend to charge your EV battery fully. This charger takes a lot to charge up your EV fully. The charging time range ranges from 12 hours to 24 hours or even more. This table also answers, “How much to charge an electric car at home.” This is because you can use a level 1 charger anywhere you want. After all, it supports a 120 V outlet connection. 

Sr. No.Vehicle ModelBattery Capacity (kWh)Estimated Range (km)Level 1 Charging Time (hrs)RegionAverage Electricity Rate (USD/kWh)Estimated Charging Cost (USD)
1Tesla Model 37542624USA0.139.75
2Tesla Model 37542624Germany0.3425.50
3Tesla Model 37542624Netherlands0.3022.50
4Tesla Model 37542624Australia0.2518.75
5Tesla Model 37542624South Korea0.1612.00
6Tesla Model 37542624China0.107.50
7Tesla Model 37542624France0.2015.00
8Tesla Model 37542624UK0.2317.25

2. Cost to Charge on Level 2 Charger

The Level 2 charger charging cost per kWh is slightly lower than the Level 1 charger. You can charge your vehicle in 4 to 8 hours using this charger. Consider the cost of charging Tesla Model 3 for various regions right in the table below:

Sr. No.Vehicle ModelBattery Capacity (kWh)Estimated Range (km)Level 1 Charging Time (hrs)RegionAverage Electricity Rate (USD/kWh)Estimated Charging Cost (USD)
1Tesla Model 3754265.6USA0.138.0
2Tesla Model 3754266.3Germany0.3423.0
3Tesla Model 3754266.2Netherlands0.3018.0
4Tesla Model 3754266.4Australia0.2516.0
5Tesla Model 3754267.0South Korea0.1610.0
6Tesla Model 3754268.1China0.105.50
7Tesla Model 3754266.8France0.2011.0
8Tesla Model 3754267.0UK0.2314.0

3. Cost to Charge on Level 3 Charger

As mentioned above, the cost of charging on a level 3 charger also depends on multiple factors. Consider the fixed parameters and the estimated charging cost in the table below:

Sr. No.Vehicle ModelBattery Capacity (kWh)Estimated Range (km)Level 1 Charging Time (hrs)RegionAverage Electricity Rate (USD/kWh)Estimated Charging Cost (USD)
1Tesla Model 3754260.67USA0.136.53 USD
2Tesla Model 3754260.67Germany0.348.91 EUR
3Tesla Model 3754260.67Netherlands0.308.02 EUR
4Tesla Model 3754260.67Australia0.2510.00 AUD
5Tesla Model 3754260.67South Korea0.167.00 KRW
6Tesla Model 3754260.67China0.104.00 CNY
7Tesla Model 3754260.67France0.207.00 EUR
8Tesla Model 3754260.67UK0.2312.0 GBP

Please note that frequent charging on level 3 chargers is not advisable because it degrades the battery health as well as the charging system of your EV. Although the charging cost per kWh is lower than what level 1 and level 2 chargers offer. Also, the charging time of this charger is undeniable. You can fully charge your EV battery within 15- to 60-minute. 

How do you calculate the cost of charging an electric car?

You can precisely calculate the charging cost of your EV by following these steps:

  • Calculate the efficiency of your EV. You can also get it in your EV usage manual. If it is not in the manual, then you can calculate it by this formulae:

EV efficiency = miles driven/ kWh

  • Find out which charger you are using. Different chargers cater to different output power and charging speeds. You can refer to the above information mentioned in the article.
  • Determine the rate of electricity per kWh in your region. Please note that the rate varies by region, depending on whether you use residential electricity or a public charging station.
  • Use this formula to calculate the cost of charging your EV:

Cost of Charging = (Miles Driven/ Efficacy) × Rate of Electricity

Apart from the above method, there are also some online calculators or apps that will allow you to calculate the charging cost of your EV. You must select the model, charger type, vehicle efficacy, and battery capacity. Then you can get the price of charging this way. 


Now you have a solid understanding of charging costs, battery capacity, charging rates, and more for various chargers. If you are planning to buy an electric car or already own one, you can use the above information to make an informed decision about matching a charger to your specific electric car model. If you like and find the information useful, please spread the word to help others.